Blogger’s Guide to Albania

Blogger’s Guide to Albania

We thought of doing a guide to Albania but after careful reflection decided, nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these bloggers roaming the world otherwise?

The Forgotten Railway – A Journey Through the Heart of Albania
Amer, a London based architect, takes a rail journey from Tirana to Pogradec.

Off Track on the Northern Albania Komani Lake
Todd Wassel rides a ferry on his travels in the spectacular mountains of Northern Albania.

Albania and its Indestructible Bunkers
One of several Albanian posts by Andy Jarosz, this one examines the tangible manifestations of former communist leader Enver Hoxha’s paranoia.

On the Albanian Riviera, a Frugal Paradise
Seth Krugal hires a car and seeks adventure along an 80 mile stretch of beaches and villages between the cities of Vlore and Saranda.

Experiencing Expat Albania
Deborah O’Kane visits friends living in Tirana.

The Balkan Rally: Stage 4 – Bosnia to Albania
The party from England to Macedonia nears its conclusion.

Head Over Heels: Albania
Kris comes away with a largely positive view in his examination of what is to like and dislike about Albania.

Volunteer in Albania – A  Nightmare Story
Boob groping children and the ever present mafia make Melissa Schultz’s efforts to do some good  seem pointless.

Untidy Albania’s Silver Linings
Jamie Twigg’s less than positive views on the country.

Hurry, Hurry
One of many posts from an ‘NGO wife’ on her life amongst the Albanians.


Daily Travel Snapshot: Kruje, Albania
By Nellie Huang of Wild Junket.

Albania on Flickr

Amarildo Topi’s Photostream on Flickr





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