Blogging on a Short Trip

Blogging on a Short Trip

We rarely take short trips – preferring to save our pennies for longer adventures – but this week have been enjoying a short break in Bodrum; both in the town itself and on the peninsula.

First we stayed in a pansiyon in Bodrum before moving out of town to discuss how we could help a hotel and spa in Bodrum peninsula find employees from outside Turkey via the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

Though we have had a great time it became apparent by the lack of posts published to The Working Traveller that blogging on a shorter trip is markedly different from on a longer one.

Typically we like to have a minimum of a photo on a Monday and a written post on a Friday. Since we came to the conclusion that our old schedule of posting every day Monday to Friday to The Working Traveller was a bit like having an attention hungry baby and took too much time away from our other websites, any content we add on other days is a bonus but not a necessity. Wednesday we keep open for a sponsor to swoop us up in their arms, pay our bills and buy us dinner, and if we have a little something for Tuesdays and Thursdays then that’s great.

Last year on our (not quite) Cairo to (almost) Istanbul journey we gave little concern to bringing back a tub of Koshary to our hostel in Dahab and spending the day in our room getting work done. We were in the town for six weeks and could afford a day off from doing stuff. Amman and Beirut were other cities we were similarly blessed with time.

With a route roughly mapped out, a guidebook and a calendar will fairly easily reveal where we are likely to stop for a while and where we will race through.

The places we linger become temporary homes once the sights are seen and the occasional night in becomes a pleasure rather than a waste of precious time. Sacrificing a DVD to schedule a block of work is far easier than missing out on a boat trip

On a shorter trip the rhythms of travel are different and losing one day out of six is a far greater loss.

On this occasion we were lucky to have a written piece already scheduled in between two Monday Photos, but the fact that I had planned to do one more and failed to do so reminded me of the advance thought involved in editing a blog.

This reminder is all the more welcome because on the morning of the day we left for Bodrum we booked the flight for our next long trip.

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