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Infinity Pool. Selimiye, Turkey

The (not quite) Cairo to (almost) Istanbul Trip Highlights (in Pictures) 3

Once we crossed over the Tigris in to Turkey we were on the final leg home. Though we knew it is a beautiful country Turkey surprised us. We have lived here for four years but, having only seen the Aegean coast, a few towns in the west of the country and Istanbul, we didn’t understand quite how varied the landscape can be. Read More
Shoeshine boys. Dohuk, Kurdistan, Iraq

The (not quite) Cairo to (almost) Istanbul Trip Highlights (in Pictures) 2

Laying slap bang in the way of getting to Turkey, we needed to cross Syria to get home but when we turned up at the border Syria said no and turned me away. We had to decide what to do next. The temptation was to turn around and head back to Egypt and take the once in a lifetime opportunity to have the Pyramids and the rest of Egypt’s historical assets to ourselves. Then we remembered the country we bumped when planning our route. We flew to Beirut.Read More
The Treasury. Petra, Jordan

The (not quite) Cairo to (almost) Istanbul Trip Highlights (in Pictures)

Now we are back we are attempting to wean ourselves away from writing solely about our recent adventures. However, for the rest of this month though I’m taking a last chance to indulge ourselves and show some pictures of our travels. I learnt a long time ago our friends ain’t interested but the advantage of having a website is I can force them on to you.Read More
Temple of Apollo, Didim, Turkey

Photo Feature: Apollo Temple, Didim, Turkey

Our home town in Turkey is very much a package tourism destination. Young families and the retired from the UK come to lie on the beach in the mornings and afternoons and drink in the bars and clubs in the evening.Read More
My Boots. Sinai, Egypt

Back Home

Sitting at my desk a month or so after our return it seems almost like we haven’t been away and that there hadn’t been a seven month gap since I last sat in this chair.Read More
Street art in Beirut

Photos of Beirut Street Art

Bordering Israeli and with its own multi fragmented political scene, it should come as no surprise that the most politicised street art I have noticed was found in Beirut.Read More
Holiday Cave Hotel, Goreme. Accommodation in Cappadocia

Caves, Chimneys and Stone Houses in Cappadocia

The Cappadocia region of Turkey offers an array of hotel options where competition drives hoteliers to compete on style, uniqueness and ambience rather than on price alone. We took the opportunity to compare three different cave hotels in the region, one in Avanos and two in Goreme.Read More
Jerash Roman Army and Chariot Experience, Jordan

Photo Feature: Jerash Roman Army and Chariot Experience

Twice a day Saturday to Thursday the Romans come to the Jordanian town of Jerash. There they demonstrate their soldierly skills, stage a gladiator fight, and race their chariots around the former Empire’s smallest Hippodrome.Read More
Travel in Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut? Why on Earth Would We Want to go There?

With one of us from Belfast way we know how a repuatation can stick but, far from a war weary city, Beirut is making efforts to regain its Paris of the East tag. And like Terry Waite, Brian Keenan and John McCarthy we stayed longer than intended.Read More
Three Travel Photographs

Three Photos: Diyarbakir, Turkey

Three Photos of Diyarbakir, Turkey.Read More