8. The Family

Hello. As usual JAB always seems to fall on the day or day before we are moving but today Deirdre is unwell – our unwritten rule when one of us is sick is not to travel unless we absolutely have to. Otherwise we would be heading to Skopje today.

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6. Working Again

Hello, we started working again and relaunched the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, our monthly newsletter of job vacancies around the globe. A number of events - including family illness and bereavement, homelessness, and some serious computer, server and connection problems - knocked us a little bit wobbly and it took some time to get reorganised.

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5. Trial Run

Hello, we came so close to finding a home. Done and dusted, we thought, so easy. After the mandatory row with the taxi driver we briefly explored Sofia, noting the plethora of porn shops, and headed into the mountains to the ski resort of Bansko.

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2. Dancing with the Touts

Hello. It didn't take long after landing in Cairo to realize we weren't going to get much relaxation. This is the most hasslesom country we've ever been to. Almost the whole of Egypt seems to be involved in the hassle industry: taxi drivers, hotel touts, shop touts, restaurant touts, caleche touts, felucca touts, even toilet touts.

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