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Altinkum, Didim, Turkey

A Belated Goodbye to the Triton

Winter in our part of Turkey was once fun because of the bar of the Triton Hotel. We knew we could find friends and life any evening where now there often seems to be none.Read More
iPhone and Android apps for travel

How Our Digital Devices Have Affected our Lives as Expats and Long Term Travellers

Our mobile devices took on added importance yesterday when someone asked out of the blue if we wanted to sell our home in Turkey. We have been thinking of moving on - though not for a year or two yet - and the question got me thinking more seriously about what we would do with our possessions and how much could be left behind in favour of digital alternatives.Read More
Local elections in Didim, Turkey

Ufuk Dover in the Turkish Local Elections

We don’t usually post on a Saturday but because we’re suckers for names and products that translate into silliness in English we couldn’t resist this.Read More
Quirks of Living in Turkey

The Differences in a Street in Turkey and Britain

This parasol has been sat in the middle of our road for the past few weeks. A big summer umbrella wouldn’t last three hours, let alone three weeks, in the same position in the UK before some form of officialdom took an interest.Read More
Didim Camel Wrestling Festival

Photo Feature: Camel Wrestling in Didim

Within minutes of arriving at Didim’s inaugural camel wrestling festival the fists started flying. Anyone familiar with wrestling will know that a wrestler may not hit their opponent with a closed fist and camels don’t have fists anyway. Read More
Altinkum, Didim, Turkey

Why Winter Seems Longer in a Tourist Resort in Turkey

It rained last night. A big rolling storm buffeted the house, soaked the streets and blew our mosquito net down. If you are reading this in, say, Manchester or Belfast I am sure your reaction is big freaking whoop. It rained here last night too and I’m not writing a bloody post about it.Read More
Temple of Apollo, Didim, Turkey

Photo Feature: Apollo Temple, Didim, Turkey

Our home town in Turkey is very much a package tourism destination. Young families and the retired from the UK come to lie on the beach in the mornings and afternoons and drink in the bars and clubs in the evening.Read More