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Altinkum, Didim, Turkey

A Belated Goodbye to the Triton

Winter in our part of Turkey was once fun because of the bar of the Triton Hotel. We knew we could find friends and life any evening where now there often seems to be none.Read More
iPhone and Android apps for travel

How Our Digital Devices Have Affected our Lives as Expats and Long Term Travellers

Our mobile devices took on added importance yesterday when someone asked out of the blue if we wanted to sell our home in Turkey. We have been thinking of moving on - though not for a year or two yet - and the question got me thinking more seriously about what we would do with our possessions and how much could be left behind in favour of digital alternatives.Read More
Local elections in Didim, Turkey

Ufuk Dover in the Turkish Local Elections

We don’t usually post on a Saturday but because we’re suckers for names and products that translate into silliness in English we couldn’t resist this.Read More
Southeast Asia

Our Wintering in Southeast Asia Trip (in 30 Seconds)

With no idea where we are going to go next we are taking one last look back to our last trip. We have done the best of times, we have laid bare the worst of our Wintering in Southeast Asia trip and now, as the weather heats up for Spring in the northern hemisphere, we end our almost year long trip to Southeast Asia with a photographic round up.Read More
Bangkok taxis

Wintering in Southeast Asia Trip Lowlights

Last week we offered up the things we loved the most about our recent trip around Southeast Asia. This week, to balance things out and because we like whining like little bitches, it is time to highlight the things we disliked. Read More
Inle Lake, Myanmar

Wintering in Southeast Asia Trip Highlights

We have been back from Southeast Asia for a while now but the not wholly linear nature of this blog means there are always loose ends to tie up and stories still to tell before we decided when to draw a line and wrap things up for this trip. Read More
Volunteer work near Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Volunteer Work in Kanchanaburi with Safari Volunteers

Bottle feeding leopard cubs and taking a playful lion for a walk were just some of the many highlights to our two days in Kanchanaburi with the Safari Park Volunteer Initiative.Read More
Volunteer work in a hostel in Sukhothai, Thailand

Volunteering At Home in Sukhothai

One of the things we do to keep our accommodation costs down is to trade our advertising space for a place to stay for a few nights. The offer is attractive to hoteliers and hostel owners who pay for ad space with what might otherwise be an empty room, while we can invest the money we saved in to our twin passions of beer and jewel encrusted fridge magnets.Read More
Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Burma

Shwedagon Pagoda: The Most Astonishing Place I’d Barely Heard Of

I had a vague idea of the existence of the Shwedagon Pagoda before I took off my shoes and socks at its entrance and handed them over for safe keeping. The complex features as a wonder in the computer game Civilisation 4, a pursuit I’d engage with when wanting nothing better to do.Read More
Stalking Travel Bloggers

The Stalking of Nerd Travels

The travel blogger sniffed the air and failed to detect our duty free scent. Thinking himself in no danger he focused his attention on exiting Heathrow Airport, the final stage of his epic migration from Australia to London.Read More