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Cycling around Bagan, Burma

Cycling Around Bagan

We might have been cycling down the dark main street of Nyaung U without any lights on our bikes but at least we were cycling the right way down the dark main street of Nyaung U without any lights on our bikes. We were learning the exhilarating way that when it comes to road rules the Burmese have a laissez faire attitude.Read More
Guest houses and hostels in Kuala Lumpur

Accommodation Options in Kuala Lumpur

We have twice passed by Kuala Lumpur on the bus and once changed planes at the airport so once we had made our plans to fly to the UK from Singapore we decided that this time we would invest a little time in getting to know this city.Read More
Boat tour of Inle Lake, Myanmar

On Inle Lake

We had been waiting to take our turn in one of the small boats motoring up and down the river that led into Inle Lake. Armed with a Myanmar beer we had watched both the local populace and the incomers from around the world go about their business from our vantage point outside the Queen Inn.Read More
Taking photos of cats at Nga Hpe Chaung, the Jumping Cat Monastery in Burma

Photos of People Taking Photos of… Cats in Burma

One day one bored, crazy monk living in a monastery in Burma rounded up all the local cats and started making them jump through hoops. Word spread and boat loads of tourists started to arrive to witness the spectacle.Read More
Travel in Yangon, Burma

Charmed by Yangon

Yangon was our introduction to Myanmar. Though it is a decent sized city of over four million and until recently Myanmar’s capital city - until the government relocated elsewhere, much to the populace’s joy - our drive through its darkening streets from the airport to our accommodation told us the city was going to be very different to the in-your-faceness of Bangkok.Read More
Evergreen Hotel, Hua Hin, Thailand

Last Days in Thailand in Hua Hin – a Recap of Where we Stayed in Thailand

We ended Thailand very much how we began it with a pleasant place to stay. It is often overlooked how where we spend the night influences our opinion of a town, city, or the whole country. Read More
Volunteer work with wild animals in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

How to Walk a Lion

I took a lion for a walk the other week. I know, read that again - I really did say I took a lion for a walk. Taking lions (and tigers – more about that in another post) for a spot of exercise is just one of the things we did when we pitched up in Kanchanaburi, at the doors of the Safari Volunteer Initiative as two of their more incompetent volunteers.Read More
Safari Park Volunteer Initiative, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

We’re Volunteering in Kanchanaburi Next Week

Deirdre is holding out a piece of food for me as if I were a seal. She says she is getting into practice for feeding animals, because this is one of the things we might be doing next week as part of our volunteer duties. Read More
Chiang Mai to Mae Sai Visa Run

Six Minutes in Burma: A Quick Guide to the Chiang Mai to Mae Sai Visa Run

For long term travellers deciding to make Chiang Mai their temporary home the northern Thai border town of Mae Sai will become a familiar place. Many expats living in the north of Thailand will visit there two or three times a year; crossing the bridge and stepping a hundred metres over the border into Myanmar to renew their two plus one month visas.Read More
Rocket Festival in Don Det, Laos

Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival in Don Det, Laos

After the mayhem of Songkran I started to look around for another crazy festival to attend and the rocket festival celebrated by Lao peoples in Laos and northeastern Thailand fitted the bill perfectly.Read More