Category Wintering in Southeast Asia

Istanbul in the Snow

Istanbul in the Snow

If it is going to be cold, let it snow I say. At least the place will be pretty. This works well enough in average English new towns but in Istanbul the effect is to add a magnitude of drama to an already dramatic city. Read More
Burmese visa guide

Getting a Burmese Visa in Bangkok (in Pictures)

With the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and the lifting of tourist boycott, Myanmar is the new travel darling of the region and, wanting to go, we decided to dispense with the services of an agency and get our Burmese visa ourselves. Read More
Bangkok, Thailand

The Working Traveller Takes it Slow in Thailand

It has been a while since we were last on the road. Unlike some digital nomads we only travel part time but, then - despite the impression sometimes given - so do the majority of people who make their living with a laptop and an internet connection. Most long term travellers quickly learn they have the freedom of time as well as geography and sooner or later will stop somewhere and stick around for a while.Read More
Travel planning, packing and preparation

The Differences in Preparing for our First Long Trip in 2003 and our Next Trip in 2013

In October we were interviewed by Amy and Andrew of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure and were flattered and frankly astonished to have our travel tips and advice labelled as expert. They are heading into the world in a couple of months and it has been easy to compare their competent planning with our own gainful but stressed (Deirdre) and uselessly relaxed (me) preparations. Read More
Temples in Thailand

Some Ideas for a Southeast Asia Trip

We recently announced that we are off to Southeast Asia, where aside from flying in to Bangkok we have few plans as to what we are going to do, where we will go or even how long we are going to stick around in the region.Read More
Travelling along the Tonle Sap in Cambodia

The Working Traveller is heading to Southeast Asia

We booked our ticket to Bangkok online with only moderate swearing a couple of weeks ago and on January 9 we will be winging our way to Thailand. As I write this I’m doing the flying to Thailand dance, a joyful but slightly unseemly jig for rhythmless men advancing in years.Read More