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Angkor, Cambodia

11. Another New Year

Hello. Observant readers will have noticed that there wasn't a May issue so we intend to have two June issues this month to make up for it. We've been back in the UK a couple of days, recovering from the shock of receiving nearly two months email in one shot, and are trying to find a home and get back to reality.Read More
Tea plantations, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

10. Cheesecake & Whiskey

Hello. This will probably be the last issue of JAB produced on the move. We bring this issue to you not long after the last one because, as mentioned above, we intend to tuck away Mr Benn while we toddle off to Laos, China, Vietnam and Cambodia.Read More
Scooter ride around Koh Samui

9. Islands

Hello. After a longer pause than usual here is this issue of JAB. Our recent travels have reminded us that travelling and working are not always compatible; we've either been without power sockets to plug in Mr Benn (the name for our laptop) or Internet access has been a boat and bus ride away from our accommodation.Read More
Reclining Buddha, Bangkok

8. Thieving Monkey

Hello. After finishing the Australia and New Zealand Supplement and Tramp News last month, we treated ourselves to seeing something of Bali. Dragging ourselves away from the coast, for the first time since Rotorua in New Zealand, we headed inland to Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali.Read More
Crocodile sign, Nhulunbuy, Australia

7. Christmas Dinner & Bombs in Bali

Hello. We haven't done a great deal this month. Mostly, we've loafed around our friends, Helen and Peter's house in Nhulunbuy, in the Northern Territory of Australia, enjoying the comforts of home.Read More
Sydney Opera House, Australia

6. Flush and Queue

Hello. We have crossed the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand and landed back in the English speaking World. Some of our old South American habits died hard and we spent a few days marveling at toilets that can handle toilet tissue and at people queuing in line.Read More
Devils Throat. Puerto Iquazu, Argentina

5. Leaving LA

Hello. It has been a busy and at times exhausting couple of weeks since the last issue. We have left Salta, in the North of Argentina, and travelled quickly across the country to Paraguay.Read More
Salar de Uyuni

4. The Border

Hello. We have left Cusco for the last time and made it to La Paz. So goodbye and good luck to Fiona, Shawn, Marlo, Guillerme and Jane at South American Explorers, Andy and Tatiana of Cusco Weekly, the bar staff at Paddy's, the Irish pub, and Gary, our landlord in many guises. Read More
Reed huts. Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca

3. Lake Titicaca

Hello. We are back in Cusco after renewing our stamp and crossing the border (twice) into Bolivia to visit the islands on Lake Titicaca. I lost my Peruvian immigration card and didn't get an exit stamp from that country so the Bolivians sent me back...Read More
Machu Picchu, Peru

2. Inca Trail

Hello. We've begun to get off our butts and go places rather than just eating and drinking our way around the pubs, restaurants and clubs of Cusco. The cosy apartment with a heater has been replaced by hostels again and Deirdre has left South American Explorers...Read More