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Perth Bars and RSA Course

Top 3 Rooftop Bars With Cheap Eats in WA

Today's bonus post on The Working Traveller is from Express Online Training. If you intend to work in the hospitality industry in Australia, in a position that requires you to serve alcohol, it is now mandatory to hold a current accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA Certificate. EOT are currently offering this course online for A$17.Read More
Travel photos and a few words

TravelPhotoFacts: Cheap Vaccinations in Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, Bangkok is a great place to top up on your vaccinations for travelling further afield in Southeast Asia or for future trips to other parts of the world. Even Brits with access to the NHS can find bargain jabs, while Americans can save a small fortune getting their injections in this efficient medical centre.Read More
UK Festivals in 2015

Be There or be Square: 5 Festivals You MUST go to

There’s a festival out there now for everyone and everything, from cheese rolling to high-end fashion to conventions celebrating everything geeky. So which ones should you be putting in your diary this year and waking up at 6am on ticket sale day to get into? These are five festivals you absolutely must go to!Read More
Altinkum, Didim, Turkey

A Belated Goodbye to the Triton

Winter in our part of Turkey was once fun because of the bar of the Triton Hotel. We knew we could find friends and life any evening where now there often seems to be none.Read More
Absurd and funny things in Egypt

20 Absurd and Funny Things in Egypt That Made Us Laugh

Top of any list of what to pack for a visit to Egypt should be your sense of humour. It won’t add to the weight of your luggage so make sure you pack it all because Egypt can be one of the most stressful countries to visit if you don’t know when to laugh. Fortunately the country can be so absurd it is very easy to find a reason to laugh your head off.Read More
Taking a career break for Americans

Americans Encouraged to Take a Career Break

Last week we linked to an article in the Telegraph that reported that in Britain the heyday of the gap year is behind us. However in the USA the idea of taking a year out from work or study is still seen as a little suspect, un-American even.Read More
iPhone and Android apps for travel

How Our Digital Devices Have Affected our Lives as Expats and Long Term Travellers

Our mobile devices took on added importance yesterday when someone asked out of the blue if we wanted to sell our home in Turkey. We have been thinking of moving on - though not for a year or two yet - and the question got me thinking more seriously about what we would do with our possessions and how much could be left behind in favour of digital alternatives.Read More
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Awards and Grants

Applications are Open for Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Grants

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust provides bursaries to British citizens to allow them to study areas of topical and personal interest for the benefit of their profession or community. Grants cover all travel expenses, food, accommodation and insurance for four to eight weeks.Read More
Memorial to the Loughinisland Massacre

A Peaceful Pint in O’Tooles Bar, Loughinisland

Last winter I dropped into O’Tooles Bar in County Down, Northern Ireland for a beer. Had I done so on this same evening twenty years previously there is a chance I would have been shot deadRead More
Songkran in Luang Prabang, Laos

Tips for Enjoying Songkran

You’re armed to the teeth with the biggest water gun you could find and ready for some watery mayhem but want to make the most of what might be a once in life time experience. The great thing about Songkran is it is for everyone: young and old, male or female, Thai or tourist, everyone has a laugh and enjoys themselves. Here is our guide to the polite mayhem Thais call Songkran. Read More