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Are You A Festive Flyer? Here’s How To Save On Your Airport Parking

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for everyone and if you like to spend the festive season abroad, your costs can really mount up. From the cost of presents to hotel bookings and travel, there’s no doubt that going abroad over the Christmas holidays often requires some careful budgeting.Read More
5 Things You Shouldn't Spend Money On While Abroad

5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money On While Abroad

If you’re spending extended time abroad - whether as a student, a volunteer, a digital nomad, or whatever else - sticking to your budget is usually a priority. Of course there are some exceptions, and people who do well enough to indulge wherever they may be. If you’ve set yourself up in that camp, more power to you! But for most regular travelers or people spending months at a time in foreign countries, the financial picture can be a complicated one. Read More
The Evolution of the SmartWatch

Travelling with a Smart Watch

A smart watch arouses the primitive part of the brain that drove our ancestors to want a better stone tool and create civilisation.Read More
Life after Travel

Life After Travelling. What’s Next?

So, you’ve just returned back from your incredible travelling experience. You’ve been gone for perhaps months at a time, and you left your ordinary, straightforward and repetitive daily routine at your front door all those months ago. So now the idea of heading back to it might feel a little deflating…Read More
Shoestring Travel

The Ways and Woes of Shoestring Travelling

Keeping yourself on a tight budget means you can travel longer. Because of its limitations you take different opportunities, meet people you wouldn’t find otherwise, and generally see a world those travelling with lined-pockets can’t. It only goes to say that the shoestring way is the better one right? So says Andrew Fraieli, author of this week’s guest post.Read More
Travel to London

Top Things to do in the UK’s Capital

It’s no wonder that London is at the top of many traveller’s lists. But with such a vibrant and bustling city at your fingertips, it can be tricky to know where to begin! If you’re planning your first trip to London then read on, as here you’ll get the lowdown on some of the best attractions and places to visit while you’re in the UK’s capital. Read More

The Vaping Traveller

This can be an emotive topic so if you don’t smoke, don’t like smoking, and you do not need help with giving up smoking, this short post and infographic aren’t for you.Read More

3 of the Cheapest Countries to Visit in 2018

Phillip Garlick is Head of Commercial at the travel money provider H&T. He shares his top picks of the countries you can travel to affordably this year.Read More
Penguins at the Polar Ice Caps

Polar Ice Caps Melting! How to Plan Your Cool Trip

With the polar ice caps melting, you should hurry to the Arctic and the icy South. Key facts about the melting ice caps and travel locations included!Read More
Celebrating Songkran in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photos of Songkran 2017, Chiang Mai

We have mixed feelings about Songkran, in that one of us loves charging about town squirting water into the faces of old women and children, while the other loathes it and won’t venture outside for the duration.Read More