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How to get a Thai tourist visa in Savannakhet, Laos

A Very Quick Guide to Getting A Thai Tourist Visa in Savannakhet, Laos

We haven’t done it but from what we have heard getting a Thai tourism visa in Vientiane is a little stressful, involving, according to Travelfish, ‘tremendous’ queues even when turning up at 8am. Our visa run to Savannakhet couldn’t have been more different.Read More
House sitter looking after a dog

House Sitting 101 Part 2 – Become a House Sitter

Rachel Martin runs Trusted Housesitters alongside her partner Andy. Running a house sitting website gives her a bird’s eye view of the world of house sitting as well as insights into what works and what doesn’t when applying for a housesit. Here’s a few of her top tips.Read More
Songkran. Chiang Mai. Thailand

Photos of Songkran 2013 in Chiang Mai

If you have kept up with our Facebook updates you will know we have spent the past few days charging around Chiang Mai with a water gun, randomly or deliberately squirting people - young and old alike - in the face.Read More
A water gun for Songkran. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Preparing for Songkran

I’m sitting in a pink towel (actually, it’s puce; yes, definitely puce) listening to the whoops and cheers as our neighbours soak each other and passing scooters with water. On the bed are laid out various items of clothing. What does one choose from our limited wardrobe for charging about town like a maniac squirting people in the face?Read More
House and pet sitting

House Sitting 101 – 3 Tips to Get Started in House Sitting

If you’re travelling – or planning to go travelling – and you haven’t heard about house sitting, where have you been hiding? This is part one of a two post series by James Cave of about house sitting. Read More
Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar: Why on Earth Would We Want to go There?

Myanmar was the place that drew us back to Southeast Asia after a ten year absence. This is supposed to be a cheap trip centred on settling in in the sun somewhere but we probably would have gone to another part of the world - somewhere new - had Myanmar not sounded so enticing. Read More
Monks collecting firewood in Nyaungshwe, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Photo Feature: Monks Collecting Firewood in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

Most visitors to Myanmar expect to gain an insight into Burmese Buddhism amongst the stupas of Bagan but the reality is that despite its wonders Bagan is a dead, disappeared ruin of a city. It is in Nyaungshwe where Buddhism flourishes today.Read More
Tuk Tuks in Bangkok

Where to Stay in Bangkok

Despite three visits to the city when we were in the region ten years ago we didn’t get to know Bangkok particularly well. Then we stuck to the Khao San Road area each time we made a return, only venturing further afield to tick off the tourist ‘must sees’. On this occasion we haven’t done a thing tourism wise but have extended our range and seen more of the Big Melon by staying in and exploring some of Bangkok’s different neighbourhoods. We found that each has their own advantages and drawbacks.Read More
A Kurdish Colonel

An Evening with the Colonel

The Colonel leaned back against the sofa and orchestrated conversation around the large living room. During his thirty years of service in Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army this man had within my lifetime twice been the enemy of my country. But sat in his house sipping tea served by one of his sons it was difficult not to see anything other than a courteous and respected man happy to have retired to his beloved Kurdistan.Read More
Machu Picchu

After the Whining: What we Saw When we Reached Machu Picchu

I’ve moaned a bit already about Machu Picchu. Not in a ‘it’s a bit rubbish’ kind of a way because it certainly is not that. What I’ve bitched and whined about is how hard the climb there is to an unfit, chain cigar smoking first time hiker who wouldn’t normally walk the length of himself.Read More