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London from the air

Vanishing London

London is, and always has been, a vortex of perpetual change. The 7 million people that live in the city today are presented with a volume of commercial, technological and cultural choice that dwarfs any other period in its history.Read More
Cheap Ways to Travel Around America

Travelling Across America on the Cheap

Driveaways and rideshares have replaced hitchhiking as the cheap way to get around the United States.Read More

99 Reasons to be Afraid of Travelling

From vaccinophobia (the fear of vaccinations), via alektorophobia (fear of chickens) to the fear of returning home (nostophobia), we list 99 phobias you are more likely to confront while backpacking.Read More
Steal a dining set for travel

Put Together a Free Travel Dining Set

Leave behind Grandma's best butter knife and the spoon commemorating Charles and Diana's wedding. A free and lightweight set of tableware can easily and quickly be acquired from various sources for al fresco or hostel room dining.Read More
Insults that can land you in prison

4 Insults That Can Land You in Prison

A Bulgarian would be scandalised to be compared to a salad, while calling someone’s mother a ‘big turtle’ is a big no no in China. But sometimes it's not the slight itself but who, or what, you insult that can land you in troubleRead More