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Living in Bangkok

Jesse Logister: Why I Live in Bangkok

Though a loyal, honest and hard working employee, Jesse Logister didn't always feel appreciated in his jobs as a cleaner of trains, mail man, factory worker, sales person, and airport luggage handler, so he escaped the 9 to 5 to Thailand and a job online.Read More
Live in Seville

Karen McCann: Why I Live In… Seville, Spain

“Living abroad is an opportunity to reinvent yourself that rarely exists outside the witness protection program,” says author and travel writer Karen McCann. “You get to hit the reset button on your life.” She and her husband have journeyed to nearly fifty countries, including many developing and post-war nations where they volunteered as consultants to struggling microenterprises. Read More
Loving living in Berlin

Peter Geyer: Why I Live in… Berlin

When Peter Geyer popped up in our twitter feed with his arms around a piece of street architecture we were intrigued and had to investigate further. We are glad we did as it turns out he makes a habit of this sort of thing and few things in life raise a smile as easily as a photo of a grown man cuddling a clock, railway viaduct, zoo, or ice hockey rink.Read More
Living in Amsterdam

Marly Pierre-Louis: Why I Live in… Amsterdam

A life long nomad, Marly Pierre-Louis is a writer and community cultivator who wonders out loud about parenting, race, gender, sexuality and the messy places where they intersect. She currently lives in Amsterdam.Read More
Living in Yeoju

Brandon and Kelsey: Why I Live in Yeoju

Brandon and Kelsey are a teacher-artist duo travelling the world. Currently they are living and playing in South Korea and making short monthly documentaries about their lives and travels.Read More
Living in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Ersatz Expat: Why I Live in… Miri

Our interviewee today wished to remain anonymous but blogs about her permanent impermanence as Ersatz Expat. A few years ago she and her husband decided to have an adventure and took the children and the dogs to live abroad, firstly in Kazakhstan and now Sarawak.Read More
Living in Istanbul

Kristin Larson: Why I Live in… Istanbul

With food and culture making up such a large part of Kristin Larson’s blog, she could have picked few better places to write than From the Seven Hills of Istanbul.Read More
Living in Ohio

Molly Hawkins: Why I Live in… Ohio

After a long distance relationship of four years, Molly Hawkins made the big move abroad in October 2013 to be with her American husband. She tells us more about being a British expat living in Ohio.Read More
Living in New York

Andrea Petkovic: Why I Live in… New York

A consultant in media and communications, Andrea Petkovic swapped a real office in Zagreb for a virtual one and started working and traveling around the world. After six months travelling around Southeast Asia and Australia she ended up in New York.Read More
Living in Barcelona

J R Duren: Why I Live in… Barcelona

J R Duren is a copywriter, published author, award-winning journalist and the creator of As the Bro Flies. With his wife Heather and their dog Charlie he has lived in Barcelona since August 2013.Read More