#RTWsoon: Will Young

Travel has pretty much been the goal for 18 year old Will Young for many years. Last summer he travelled around Bulgaria, Thailand and Laos, but has also had the opportunity to travel to a wealth of other countries in the past, including Iceland, China and Egypt. Until recently he worked in a ventilation factory in the UK to pay for his next adventure.

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WorldWideWorker: Katie Wilter, Superyacht Stewardess

Rhodes graduate Katie Wilter is a graphic designer and social media enthusiast with itchy feet. Now a super yacht stewardess she is seeing the world from a porthole and blogging about it. When we spoke to Katie she was heading along the east coast of the USA from Nova Scotia back down to Florida.

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Graeme Swift: Why I Live in… Bali

For now circumstance dictates that Graeme Swift spends only half the year in Bali with his Balinese wife and their son. Between them they manage their holiday villa rental business while Graeme also works in the UK as a freelance business English teacher. Eventually hoping to cut all ties with the UK to retire and live full time on the island, he talks to us about his life in Indonesia.

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#RTWsoon: Amy & Andrew

In 2009 a month backpacking around Thailand inspired British couple Amy and Andrew to start saving for a much longer journey that will begin in March 2013. After meeting people who were in the midst of their own incredible round the world adventures they decided to make travel their priority.

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Francesca Luke: Why I Live in… Madrid

Since she was a child Francesca Luke has dreamt of living in a sunny Mediterranean country and fulfilled that ambition when she moved to Madrid to work as an English Teacher. She tell us more about her life in the Spanish capital and also how the company she co-founded can help you to live with a Spanish family in Madrid, working as an English Language Assistant.

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Ali Garland: Why I Live in Freiburg

A while back we received a tweet from Ali Garland asking if we knew of any job opportunities in Freiburg. We didn’t but suggested she talk to one of our previous interviewees for this column, Andrew Couch of Grounded Traveler. Unknown to us, and as she explains below, Andrew was the reason why she was looking for work in Germany.

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Edna Zhou: Why I Live in… Paris

Edna Zhou’s transferable skills in journalism and social media marketing have kept her on the move around the world. No stranger to working abroad she had already lived in China and Singapore before a combination of planning and chance landed her in Paris.

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Leigh Shulman: Why I Live in… Salta

With her husband Noah Edelblum and daughter Lila, Leigh Shulman shrugged off her old life in New York to travel Europe, the US, Central and South America. Advocates of slow travel their pace ground to a halt when they settled in the Argentine city of Salta and founded an art and education NGO.

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#RTWsoon: Ed Rex

Ed Rex is a twentysomething deaf Yorkshireman currently in Chiang Mai but when we caught up with him not so long ago he was still looking forward to the adventures to come on his around the world journey.

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