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Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand

Nicholas Orwin: Why I Live in… Nonthaburi

The first time he saw Michael Palin’s Around the world in 80 days Nicholas Orwin knew he wanted to travel and not just go on a holiday abroad. Captivated by Asia for as long as he can remember he took a job teaching English in Thailand.Read More
Living in Cappadocia

Duke Dillard: Why I Live in… Cappadocia

A happy family man for the past 17 years, he had a normal white, middle class childhood in suburban America and at age nine had a significant encounter with Jesus Christ that still impacts his life today. Though he and his family have already spent many years living in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Ankara, they are fairly new residents of Cappadocia and tell us more about living there.Read More
Living as an expat in Okcular, Turkey

Alan Fenn: Why I Live in… Okçular

Born in 1944, Alan Fenn grew up on the Isle of Sheppey before joining the army at 18, by which time he’d already had three jobs. He recently spoke to us about his life in Okçular, a village in southwest Turkey.Read More
Bodrum, Turkey

Jack Scott: Why I Live in… Bodrum

Jack Scott is a freelance writer and author. In 2009, he relocated to Bodrum with his partner, Liam, starting the Perking the Pansies blog which quickly became the most popular blog of its kind on that side of the Aegean.Read More
Living in Didim, Turkey

Natalie Sayin: Why I Live in… Didim

Natalie Sayin is an internet addict with a passion for the country of Turkey. Deciding to combine the two, she formed the Turkish Travel Blog; her diary of the places she visits, people she meets and the sometimes awkward scenarios that she manages to get into. She tells us more about her home in an Aegean resort town in the south west of Turkey. Read More
Travel around the World

#RTWsoon: Angie & Jenke

Jenke (46) and Angie (39) are a travel blogging couple from Cologne, Germany. They both work in the media: Jenke is a TV reporter and Producer, working for Germany’s largest private television company and Angie is a PR Manager for a German Airline. Read More
Living in Amsterdam

Julia Fallon: Why I Live in… Amsterdam

A thirty something British expat, Julia Fallon describes herself as a reluctant explorer, a wobbly, stiletto wearing cyclist and technology geek all rolled into one. She followed her boyfriend over to Amsterdam and tells us how she is learning to love and live the Dutch way of life. Read More
Living in Cacere, Extremadura

Will Peach: Why I Live in… Caceres

Working in the London office of a gap year website, Will Peach grew jealous of the adventures of the people he was helping to inspire and set off on his own travels. He currently lives in Caceres in the Extremadura region of Spain and tells us more of the life he has there.Read More
Santa Cruz De Laguna, Guatemala

Mary Bartnikowski: Why I Live In… Santa Cruz De Laguna, Guatemala

Mary Bartnikowski calls herself a CEO of fun. Sitting around one day she noticed there was no one to make dinner for. Her son was riding camels and meeting holy men in caves in Morocco when it hit her: she needed adventure and the unknown. Read More
Hong Kong

#RTWsoon: Henry Lee

43 year old Henry, from Vancouver, has worked in astronomy for almost 20 years and lived in four countries on three continents. With a need to do something different he made the decision to leave his job and plans to travel around the world for the whole of 2012.Read More