#RTWsoon: Henry Lee

43 year old Henry, from Vancouver, has worked in astronomy for almost 20 years and lived in four countries on three continents. With a need to do something different he made the decision to leave his job and plans to travel around the world for the whole of 2012.

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#RTWsoon: Sara Grazia

Sara, based in the UK, turned 30 this year and has been living with her partner for three years. She has spent the past five years in her current job and realised she wants out of the rat race and that life is going past far too fast for her liking.

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Rachel Tavel: Why I Live In… Quito

Rachel Tavel is a published travel writer and full-time wanderluster. A half Argentinean native New Yorker, she recently left the Upper West Side of Manhattan to pursue travel writing full-time. Tavel currently resides in Quito, Ecuador, where she works for V!VA Travel Guides.

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