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Living in Port Douglas

Alyson, James, D and Boo: Why We Lived in… Port Douglas

Alyson from Wales met Australian James while on holiday in Egypt. After moving in together in London they travelled the world, had a D and a Boo, and have since set off on their second round the world trip – this time with the whole family in tow. In between they lived in Port Douglas. Alyson tell us more:Read More
Living in Altinkum, Didim, Turkey

Dallas Dyson: Why I Live in… Altinkum

It’s time for a new season of interviews where we ask expats just why they live where they do. First up is Dallas Dyson, a writer and animal lover who divides her life between a village in scenic Devon and Altinkum, or Tinky Town as the resort part of Didim is also known to expats and tourist visitors.Read More
Living as an expat in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Big John: Why I Live in… Sihanoukville

A few months ago Big John, who runs a guesthouse, restaurant and bar in Sihanoukville, irked a few of his potential customers when he left a negative comment to Chris of Backpacker Banter’s post, 10 Myths of Backpacking Travel. It was suggested that although John is entitled to his opinion Chris’s site wasn’t the place for it, so we thought to offer him a forum here and ask him about his life on the Cambodian coast.Read More
Volunteer work in Dahab, Egypt

Kirsteen Mahmoud: Why I Live in… Dahab

Kirsteen Mahmoud took a holiday in Dahab, married an Egyptian man she met in the town, and returned to settle in the town last year.Read More
Living and working as an expat in La Roche, France

Jeff Steiner: Why I Live in… La Roche sur Foron

Over the last fifteen years Jeff Steiner has learned a lot about living and travelling in France. We ask Jeff to share some of that information with The Working Traveller. Read More
Expat living and working in La Garde, France

Annie Andre: Why I Live in… La Garde

Born in Thailand to a Thai mother and French Canadian Father, Annie Andre is a seasoned world traveller currently living in the south of France with her husband and three kids. We talked to her about soaking in French culture, her personal and financial goals and how she came to be living in the small French town of La Garde. Read More
Living and working in Bogota, Colombia

Natalie Southwick: Why I Live in… Bogotá

The first time Natalie Southwick visited Latin America was when she travelled to Costa Rica at the age of 14. She has been returning to the region ever since, making stops in eight countries so far, until she finally found “the one” when she moved to Bogotá in January 2012. She’s stayed in Colombia since then, trying to convince as many people as possible to pay her to write and keep living there.Read More
Living in Barcelona, Spain

Jessica Bowler: Why I Live in… Barcelona

24 year old British-American girl Jessica Bowler answers our questions on living in Barcelona. She works as a translator and freelance travel journalist, and blogs at Hola Yessica, which is named after how people in Spain pronounce her name. Read More
Living in Sapa, Vietnam

Peter Gilbert: Why I Live in… Sapa

In 2010 Peter Gilbert was just passing through Sapa, a hill town in the north of Vietnam, on the way to Laos when he heard about an organisation dedicating itself to improving the literacy of local children. Initially he volunteered for three months as an English teacher with Sapa O’Chau but after a short visit home to Sheffield, and a winter season working in Japan, he returned to continue helping with the project. Read More
Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vivi Rathbon: Why I Live in… Buenos Aires

Vivi Rathbon is a Buenos Aires expat, truly in love with the magical city of Buenos Aires, which she has had the pleasure of residing in for the past three years. She took some time out from running her expat themed website,, to talk about expatriated life in Buenos Aires.Read More