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Living in Amsterdam

Keith Jenkins: Why I Live In… Amsterdam

Keith Jenkins is a thirtysomething living in Amsterdam. His greatest passion is travel: having visited more than 60 countries across six continents. He talks to us about Amsterdam.Read More
Living in Tainan, Taiwan

Matt Gibson: Why I Live In… Tainan

Matt Gibson is an adventure travel writer and photographer living in Tainan, Taiwan. Gibson has been living in Tainan, Taiwan’s oldest and most historical city, for the past six years.Read More
Living in Quito

Rachel Tavel: Why I Live In… Quito

Rachel Tavel is a published travel writer and full-time wanderluster. A half Argentinean native New Yorker, she recently left the Upper West Side of Manhattan to pursue travel writing full-time. Tavel currently resides in Quito, Ecuador, where she works for V!VA Travel Guides.Read More
Lagos. The Algarve, Portugal

Samantha Milner: Why I Live In… The Algarve

Samantha Milner lives the dream life with her husband Dominic and son Kyle as expats in southern Portugal. She talks to us about her life in the Algarve.Read More
Living in Freiburg

Andrew Couch: Why I Live In… Freiburg

Andrew Couch is an American who has been travelling back and forth to Germany for half of his life and moved to Freiburg, Germany nearly three years ago. He talks to us about the life he is building for himself there.Read More
Living in Buenos Aires

Marlo Perry: Why I Live In… Buenos Aires

Marlo Perry, grew up in Australia but has spent most of her life working and travelling around the world. She talks to us about her current home Buenos AiresRead More