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Living, working and travel in Cusco, Peru

A Week in Cusco – Camden Luxford: Why I Live in… Cusco

They say if you spend more than four months in Cusco then you are there for good. Australian traveller Camden Luxford has been there much longer than that and talks to us about swapping the backpacker life for an expat one.Read More
Corpus Christi in Cusco, Peru

A Week in Cusco – Saints and Sinners at the Feast of Corpus Christi

I didn’t sleep through every major festival in Cusco. The feast of Corpus Christi celebrates the body of Christ and events are held around the world by some Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran Churches. Read More
Volunteer Work in Cusco

A Week in Cusco – Volunteer Work in Cusco

Both a beautiful and lively city, it is well worth spending more than just a few days in Cusco. Though they exist to help the poor and vulnerable of the city, the numerous NGOs in Cusco can also help to provide a niche to travellers looking to stay longer in the former capital of the lost Incan Empire.Read More
Festival in Cusco

A Week in Cusco – The Story Behind the Photo: The Festival of the Sun

Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun, was a celebration of the winter solstice and a way to greet the new year in the southern hemisphere. Dedicated to the sun god, Inti, the ceremony was the most important in the Incan calendar.Read More
Travel Photos

A Week in Cusco – Monday Photo

Photograph of Cusco, Peru.Read More
Butrint, Albania

A Week in Albania – Photo Feature: Butrint

Photographs of Butrint, a ruined Greek, Roman and Byzantine city in Albania. Read More
Flag of Albania

A Week in Albania – Blogger’s Guide to Albania

We thought of doing a guide to Albania but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these bloggers roaming the world otherwise?Read More
Volunteer Work in Albania

A Week in Albania – Volunteer Work in Albania

Albania isn’t the first place people think about when considering where to volunteer. Well off Europe’s beaten track this mountainous country sees few visitors compared to its Greek and Italian neighbours but enjoys a similar climate, an openly curious people and some fascinating cities well worth exploring.Read More
Taking Bad Travel Photos

A Week in Albania – My Bad Travel Photo: Street Scene at Night, Gjirokastra

I must confess to a certain contempt for photographers trying to illuminate a distant object with the pitiful built in flash of a point and shoot camera. I inwardly scream at people trying to add their own light to something quite distant like, say, the moon.Read More
Travel Photos

A Week in Albania – Monday Photo

Postcard photograph of Albania.Read More