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Apps for Working Abroad

10 Apps You Need When Working Abroad

So you have just accepted a position at a company in Singapore and people are congratulating you and asking when the big move is. Your stomach drops. This is actually happening. You will actually be living in another country. Inevitably, even the most seasoned traveller is going to have an initial stomach drop at the prospect of setting up home in a land completely alien to them, however, you can breathe a sigh of relief as those tech-savvy dynamos who magic-up mobile phone apps have created 10 gems to help those living as expats, and working in foreign countries, have a hassle-free experience. Read More
Sustainable Agriculture Volunteering

5 Countries That Need Your Help in Sustainable Agriculture

Green is in right now, and not just in developed nations. Developing countries fully understand the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle; many small communities in Africa and South America have seen first-hand what wasteful practices do to their land and people. However, unlike rich Western countries that have enough resources to build and maintain local, organic farms, most cities and towns in developing nations can’t afford to experiment with sustainable agriculture — at least, not without your help.Read More
Tourism in Majorca

Making Every Moment Count in Marvellous Majorca

Majorca is one of the Mediterranean’s star attractions, and it’s easy to see why. This island boasts elusive coves, craggy mountains and eye-catching architecture, not to mention a habitat geared around not just meeting, but surpassing the expectations of its six million visitors a year. Read More
UK Festivals in 2015

Be There or be Square: 5 Festivals You MUST go to

There’s a festival out there now for everyone and everything, from cheese rolling to high-end fashion to conventions celebrating everything geeky. So which ones should you be putting in your diary this year and waking up at 6am on ticket sale day to get into? These are five festivals you absolutely must go to!Read More

Working and Holidaying in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the prettiest places in the world, and as such has no shortage of visitors. There are so many things to do and see in this small island, that a weekend really doesn’t do it justice. That’s why it can be a perfect place to have a working holiday. You can enjoy more time in this paradise, while making money at the same time. Here are just a few of the many pastimes to do in Gran Canaria, along with working opportunities to help pay for all those activities.Read More
Fund Your Travels

Funding Your Life Abroad

After all the planning and dreaming while enduring the monotony of your humdrum job, it’s finally time to dive in to book your diving course or upload the webpage that will see you hiking up a mountain. But not so fast! You’ve saved up a little cash for the tickets and perhaps some initial accommodation, but you don’t want to come back to Blighty that early.Read More
Gap years

How To Fund Your Gap Year Experience

A gap year can be a life changing experience: you meet new people, taste new food and immerse yourself in new cultures. However, you won’t get anything for free on your year off so it is important that you have enough money before you leave. In this article we explain how you can fund your gap year.Read More
Jobs abroad for expats

The Best Jobs for English-Speaking Expats Abroad

So you’ve finally done it. You’re retired overseas, living the dream in some exotic locale. You’ve done a good bit of kicking back, perhaps indulged in your hobby or hobbies, maybe made some new friends. Things are going well (although who couldn’t use a little bit of extra cash). Then, you are hit by a realization that’s been slowly creeping up on you: you’re bored.Read More
Live and work in Montreal, Canada.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Montreal

According to Statistics Canada’s 2006 figures, about 15% of non-permanent resident workers in Canada had settled down in Montreal that year. Although this percentage is less than half that of Toronto – Canada’s largest city –, Montreal remains Canada’s second most coveted destination. The reasons that explain the popularity of the world’s second largest French speaking city among foreign temporary workers are numerous. Read More
Getting a holiday rep job

Landing a Holiday Rep Job

A career as a holiday rep is one of the most desirable roles in the travel industry. If you want to see the world, and get paid for it, there are few jobs where you can do so in such an outgoing, social environment. Read More