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Volunteer work in a hostel in Sukhothai, Thailand

New Jobs Added to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin

It has been a very good week for new paid jobs and volunteer positions sent to our sister site the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Normally I like to make sure the ten best positions make it into our email newsletter (sign up at but quite a few that normally would go in didn’t make it this week.Read More
ravel and expat blogs that do have interview series

33 More Travel & Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You

A couple of years ago we put together a post on 16 Travel and Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You. Beginning with our own site we proceeded down a list of websites with interview features, each connected to one above and below by their roles as both interviewee, then interviewer.Read More
Looking for Jobs Abroad

New Jobs Added to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin

New jobs abroad, career breaks, gap years and volunteer work projects added to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.Read More
Blogging and Social Media

The Blogpacker Review #9

Useful Resources & Articles about Travel Blogging and Social Media.Read More
Travel blog birthday

The Working Traveller is Three Years Old – Here’s What We’ve Learnt

On Wednesday, May 15 The Working Traveller turned three. Last year we took some time for reflection on what we had learnt in the first two years of The Working Traveller but the piece got rather long so it was split into two. Rather than place two such introspective pieces close together I thought to run part two close to our third anniversary, this having the added advantage of giving me a day off when this date came around again this year: up there for thinking, down there for dancing, as they say.Read More
Travel blogs of the future

Travel Blogging Until They Die

Some travel blogs are abandoned mere days into a trip once it is realised how much work is involved and time taken away from the enjoyment of travel. Others peter out when the journey ends, real jobs are taken and lifestyles change. There are many reasons why a blog started today will be neglected and end but some travel bloggers are in it for the long term. Here’s our take on the most popular travel blogs in 2050.Read More
Don't use PayPal in Myanmar

Don’t Use Your PayPal Account in Myanmar

Here is a word of warning to those contemplating a trip to Myanmar. Do not log in to your PayPal account. Read More
Bangkok, Thailand

The Working Traveller Takes it Slow in Thailand

It has been a while since we were last on the road. Unlike some digital nomads we only travel part time but, then - despite the impression sometimes given - so do the majority of people who make their living with a laptop and an internet connection. Most long term travellers quickly learn they have the freedom of time as well as geography and sooner or later will stop somewhere and stick around for a while.Read More
A new travel blog

Our New Site:

We hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations. With a lot still to do before we are ready to leave for Bangkok we had a quiet one this year. One of the tasks I wanted to complete is the launch of our new site

This is the fourth website we have launched with minimal fanfare since we returned from our Middle East trip 18 months ago. Like the others we want this one to go quietly about its business and eventually establish itself into the site we want it to be in a few years’ time.

Unlike our other sites TravelPhotoFacts will not deal exclusively with an aspect of working abroad such as free volunteer work, gap years or career breaks, though we will occasionally drop some of that in there too...

Read More
Christmas Repeats 2012

Merry Christmas. Enjoy These Repeats 2012

Once again we serve up cold second hand fare in what is becoming a Christmas tradition to rival that posh woman who seems to be on the TV every year. This started a couple of years ago when in an effort to do something Christmassy while putting as little effort into the task as possible I came up with the inspired idea of writing about things I had already written about.Read More