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Bus timetables from Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Kanchanaburi Bus Timetables

We could have had to take an inconvenient detour and add time to an already long journey to the Laos border had we not taken photos of these timetables at Kanchanaburi bus station. Hopefully, they will be helpful to anyone getting else looking to get a bus from Kanchanaburi.Read More
Kanchanaburi to Erawan bus timetables

Bus Timetable: Kanchanaburi to Erawan

We spotted this sign when we arrived at Kanchanaburi bus station and thought it might be useful for anyone searching in advance for the bus times to Erawan, or from Erawan to Kanchanaburi.Read More

Panda Girl

With our Thai visa running out we broke for the border. Two buses and 15 hours later we arrived in Mukdahan and waitied to cross the Mekong via the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge 2 to Savannakhet in Laos. The bus journey was long, if uneventful but we were amused when the girl across the aisle from us snuggled into a blanket and placed a panda hat on her head.Read More
Bad translations

Competition: What Was Whore Dust Before it Went Through Google Translate?

Today’s competition, run in conjunction with our sponsor Mr Santiham’s Whorehouse and Diner, asks the question: What was the original meaning of the words ‘Cook Whore Dust’ before it went through Google Translate and written onto this board, outside a restaurant in Chiang Mai? Read More
Bus timetables from busy Savannakhet

Bus Timetables from Savannakhet, Laos

Despite the woman at the ticket booth acting as if we were an inconvenience in her pursuit of activities unrelated to helping passengers, these bus timetables posted on the windows of the ticket desk will be helpful to anyone getting from Savannakhet to Pakse, Vientiane, Vietnam and Mukdahan, across the river border, in Thailand.Read More
Spare bed in a room

The Spare Bed Wardrobe

I almost never use a traditional wardrobe and I suspect many other long term travellers also prefer the more linear way to store both clothing and the detritus that accumulate over a few days’ stay in a room.Read More