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Touts and Hasslers We Love to Hate: Give Me Dollar Boy

Walking home after a day handing out money to beggars and buying yet more bloody postcards from small children, Give Me Dollar Boy is the final straw.Read More
A perfume shop in Cairo, Egypt

Touts and Hasslers We Love to Hate: The Helpful Friend

Hesitate at a road crossing for too long, wondering which way or where to go and you may find a Helpful Friend turns up to offer his suggestion.Read More
Beep, beep. Taxi

Touts & Hasslers We Love to Hate: The Taxi Driver

First impressions count. Leaving the airport, travellers normally travel through the ugliest urban landscape a country can offer and the first person we meet is the taxi driver.Read More
Police at the London Riots

Expats, the Property Ladder and the London Riots

I was born in Tottenham where a few days ago genuine anger at the police shooting of what appears to be an armed drug dealer burst from peaceful protest into riots and mayhem. This part of London, along with some of the other nearby areas affected by the more opportunistic rioting and looting that spread soon after, was the stomping ground of my family for generations. Read More
Annoying beggars

Touts & Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Ungrateful Beggar

It is not nice being poor. I wouldn't want to have to beg. But if I did I would at least be grateful to people that gave me money just for stretching my arm. Wouldn't you be too?Read More
Getting followed by hostel touts

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Follower

New in town, you know where you want to stay and have shook off the Meeter & Greeters. Only problem is you still have to get to your choice of accommodation and... Is that guy following us?Read More
Annoying, obnoxious, undeserving, overfed child beggers

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Rude Fat Kid

A few children were hanging around the school gates when a coach load of foreigners pulled up outside the ruins next door and, without even being asked, handed out money and sweets. What nice people, the children thought and wondered if it would happen again?Read More
Hostel Touts

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate:The Meeter and Greeter

Get off a bus or train in some towns and you will be treated to a rapturous reception. Everyone wants to know your name and business and, most especially, where you will be staying in their town.Read More