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Glassbottom boat cleaning. Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

Traveller Hangouts: Dahab, Egypt

While not ready to sell out completely and forget its hippy roots, Dahab is growing up fast. If the town were a person he would be thinking about cutting his hair and trying to impress the hotel heiress that's been making googoo eyes at him.Read More
Staying in Copacabana

Traveller Hangouts: Copacabana, Bolivia

A small town sat looking over Lake Titicaca, Copacabana isn't just a pleasant place in its self but the gateway to the mystical islands on the lake. This isn't the Copacabana where Lola, the showgirl, ran amok with a pistol.Read More
Staying in Corfu

Traveller Hangouts: Corfu Town, Greece

An attractive town, the capital of the island is a mixture of Venetian colonial architecture with English and French influences. Read More
Bukit Lewang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Traveller Hangouts: Bukit Lewang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Surrounded by jungle and wedged between a river and a mountain, this one chicken town looks like it goes to bed at 8pm. You couldn't be more wrong.Read More

Traveller Hangouts: Cusco, Peru

A reasonably large city, the centre of the former Inca capital is a compact mix of attractive Spanish architecture and sturdy Inca walls. The main attraction of Cusco is as a base for the Machu Picchu trek.Read More