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Monday Photo: Hanoi, Vietnam

A photo of Hanoi, Vietnam.Read More
Round the world travel: Bangkok, Thailand

#RTWsoon: Ed Rex

Ed Rex is a twentysomething deaf Yorkshireman currently in Chiang Mai but when we caught up with him not so long ago he was still looking forward to the adventures to come on his around the world journey. Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Aswan, Egypt

A photo of Aswan, Egypt.Read More
Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand

Nicholas Orwin: Why I Live in… Nonthaburi

The first time he saw Michael Palin’s Around the world in 80 days Nicholas Orwin knew he wanted to travel and not just go on a holiday abroad. Captivated by Asia for as long as he can remember he took a job teaching English in Thailand.Read More
Working on a Cruise Ship

Time off in Port

Can you work for a cruise company and see the world? The answer is yes – but to ensure you get to see the sights when you’ve docked in port you need to choose the right job and the right cruise too.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Gjirokastra, Albania

A photo of Gjirokastra, Albania.Read More
Volunteer Work in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Volunteer Work in a Fairy Chimney Cave Hotel

A few months ago Brandon Fralic emailed from his cave room in Cappadocia to say he had scored a volunteer position we had mentioned on our other site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. We told him how the hotel cat gets into his room and, in exchange, he tells us more about his job.Read More
Pudding Shop Map, Istanbul

Travel Hall of Fame: The Pudding Shop

For many travellers in the late 1960s and early 1970s the journey east really began in Istanbul. Though the hippy trail may have begun in a New York bucket or cross Channel ferry and ended in several places on the sub-continent, such as Kathmandu or Kabul, the route’s choke point was Istanbul.Read More
Ephesus, Turkey

Photo Feature: Ephesus

Turkey’s most popular beer is named after Ephesus. I only mention this because, after an expensive week in Istanbul, my informal accountant had started clamping down on unnecessary spending.Read More
Travel Photos

Monday Photo: Selimiye, Turkey

A photo of Selimiye, Turkey.Read More