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Travel in Yangon, Burma

Charmed by Yangon

Yangon was our introduction to Myanmar. Though it is a decent sized city of over four million and until recently Myanmar’s capital city - until the government relocated elsewhere, much to the populace’s joy - our drive through its darkening streets from the airport to our accommodation told us the city was going to be very different to the in-your-faceness of Bangkok.Read More
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan

Out of the Siq: 17 Photos of Petra

After saving my dad from the Nazis… No, hang on, that was the other guy. The one with the hat. I had the hat but as already reported lost it after drinking too much in Turkey.Read More
Rocket Festival in Don Det, Laos

Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival in Don Det, Laos

After the mayhem of Songkran I started to look around for another crazy festival to attend and the rocket festival celebrated by Lao peoples in Laos and northeastern Thailand fitted the bill perfectly.Read More
Songkran. Chiang Mai. Thailand

Photos of Songkran 2013 in Chiang Mai

If you have kept up with our Facebook updates you will know we have spent the past few days charging around Chiang Mai with a water gun, randomly or deliberately squirting people - young and old alike - in the face.Read More
Poi Sang Long Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Poi Sang Long Festival Chiang Mai

In April the thoughts of most visitors to Chiang Mai are focused on the upcoming Songkran celebrations with arrivals timed to bloat the city’s populace in the days in and around the middle of the month. Earlier arrivals though will not only have the opportunity to bag their accommodation before prices rise but also to witness the under the rader Poi Sang Long Festival. Read More
Monks collecting firewood in Nyaungshwe, Inle Lake, Myanmar

Photo Feature: Monks Collecting Firewood in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar

Most visitors to Myanmar expect to gain an insight into Burmese Buddhism amongst the stupas of Bagan but the reality is that despite its wonders Bagan is a dead, disappeared ruin of a city. It is in Nyaungshwe where Buddhism flourishes today.Read More
Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Burn Me as a Witch: I Like the Khao San Road

The Khao San Road is frequently derided as not being the real Thailand but Thailand is made up of many component parts, and some of them, like it are not, are crawling with tourists. Read More
Machu Picchu

After the Whining: What we Saw When we Reached Machu Picchu

I’ve moaned a bit already about Machu Picchu. Not in a ‘it’s a bit rubbish’ kind of a way because it certainly is not that. What I’ve bitched and whined about is how hard the climb there is to an unfit, chain cigar smoking first time hiker who wouldn’t normally walk the length of himself.Read More
Istanbul in the Snow

Istanbul in the Snow

If it is going to be cold, let it snow I say. At least the place will be pretty. This works well enough in average English new towns but in Istanbul the effect is to add a magnitude of drama to an already dramatic city. Read More
Bodrum Castle

The Castle of St Peter in Bodrum – A Good Place to Ride Out a Zombie Apocalypse?

With Halloween approaching we recently took the opportunity to head down to Bodrum to revaluate our favoured spot to ride out the zombie apocalypse. Read More