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Start of Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Peru

Up, Up and More Up on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Why couldn’t those bastard Incas have built at sea level, I thought, as I entered yet another hour of wheezing uphill, bitching about mountains, never ending steps and healthy young Canadians.Read More
Children playing football in Mandalay, Burma

Photo Feature: Football Around the World

Every two years work on The Working Traveller slows down as I focus my attention on the festival of football playing out on the TV.Read More
Round the world travel

9 Years Since I Slept in my Lunch, 10 Years Since we Flew to Peru to Begin our RTW Trip (Photos of our 2002/3 RTW Trip)

Nine years ago today I was snoring face down in my lunch in preparation for boarding the flight home to the UK. After 364 days on the road our trip ended in a drunken slumber outside a Bangkok restaurant.Read More
Ephesus, Turkey

Photo Feature: Ephesus

Turkey’s most popular beer is named after Ephesus. I only mention this because, after an expensive week in Istanbul, my informal accountant had started clamping down on unnecessary spending.Read More
Olympos, Turkey

Photo Feature: Olympos Trip

I wanted to return to Olympos before we had left. We’d been lured there by the idea of living for a few days in a treehouse and though the fairly comfortable reality of this didn’t match the primitive expectation we both fell for Olympos.Read More
Mt Nemrut, Turkey

Mt Nemrut: Meh

Sitting indoors at sea level on a fairly warm day my views on Mount Nemrut have softened a little. At the time the fallen idolatry ranked as one of my biggest travel disappointments but I can now look on the photos taken on the mountain with at least some affection.Read More
Feeding the Carp in Golbasi Park, Sanliurfa, Turkey

Feeding the Flames That Turned to Fish in Gölbaşı Park, Şanlıurfa

We spent most of our time in Şanlıurfa hanging around Gölbaşı Park. Squabbling between ourselves and time wasting appointments led us away before we were done with the place so we returned several times.Read More
Didim Camel Wrestling Festival

Photo Feature: Camel Wrestling in Didim

Within minutes of arriving at Didim’s inaugural camel wrestling festival the fists started flying. Anyone familiar with wrestling will know that a wrestler may not hit their opponent with a closed fist and camels don’t have fists anyway. Read More
Travel in Cappadocia

Photo Feature: Cappadocia

The Cappadocian landscape produces one of life’s ‘wow’ moments. Deirdre - a foot shorter than me - had been admiring the scenery out of the crowded bus window for about ten minutes. Had I attempted to bend down for a peek I would have head-butted another passenger in the chest so I had to delay the gratification.Read More
Wine presentation and sampling in a cave in Avanos, Cappadocia, Turkey

Wine Tasting in Avanos

I have been cultivating an interest in wine drinking for a number of years now. After a dry month in Jordan I pounced on some good quality wines within my budget in Lebanon and was keen to rekindle my love hate relationship with Turkish wines.Read More