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Photos of People Taking Photos of… Songkran

It can be a gamble whipping out your camera or phone during Songkran but these people were prepared to risk the ruination of their photography equipment to capture the watery madness that is New Year in Thailand. We in turn jeopardised damaging our third camera in Southeast Asia to photograph them doing so.Read More
Carrick-a-Rede, Northern Ireland

Photos of People Taking Photos of… Carrick-a-Rede

Arriving at the bridge at Carrick-a-Rede as part of a Paddywagon tour group meant we were never going to capture this location without someone else in the way of the shot. We could have hung back and waited for the tour group to move along, back to the bus, but John, our driver had already warned his passengers that anyone late would have to sing a little song, and we didn’t think that was fair. We would already have kept everyone back as it is.Read More
Trafalgar Square, London

Photos of People Taking Photos of… Trafalgar Square

While standing on the Kwai Bridge unable to get a single shot of the bridge without someone’s great bonce in the way we came up with the idea for this feature: taking photos of other tourists taking pictures of their friends. Read More
Petronas Towers

Photos of People Taking Photos of… the Petronas Twin Towers

Whereas the perhaps slightly excessive abundance of national flags flown almost everywhere around central Kuala Lumpur could be seen as a reflection of political insecurity, the Petronas Twin Towers are a symbol of Malaysia’s growing economic self-confidence since independence.Read More
A show at the Kuala Lumpur Central Market

Photos of People Taking Photos of…Kuala Lumpur Central Market

A lot of our time in Kuala Lumpur was spent hanging out around the Central Market. The main reason was the food court on the first floor where we could try new Malay or Indonesian dishes, or hanker after familiar Thai or Chinese favourites, all under one roof. Read More
Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Photos of People Taking Photos of… The Giant’s Causeway

Whether you have travelled far and wide or just visited a few places it cannot have escaped your notice that many tourism sites are incredibly crowded. Some travellers will shy away from visiting these places altogether, which is a great shame as there is usually a good reason why so many people have chosen to converge on the most popular attractions.Read More
Taking a photo of the Kwai Bridge with an iPad.

Photos of People Taking Photos of Other People on the Bridge Over the River Kwai

I went down to the bridge over the River Kwai today (as I write – in reality it was ages ago, back in August) and took some photos. Read More
Taking photos of cats at Nga Hpe Chaung, the Jumping Cat Monastery in Burma

Photos of People Taking Photos of… Cats in Burma

One day one bored, crazy monk living in a monastery in Burma rounded up all the local cats and started making them jump through hoops. Word spread and boat loads of tourists started to arrive to witness the spectacle.Read More