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Guest houses and hostels in Kuala Lumpur

Accommodation Options in Kuala Lumpur

We have twice passed by Kuala Lumpur on the bus and once changed planes at the airport so once we had made our plans to fly to the UK from Singapore we decided that this time we would invest a little time in getting to know this city.Read More
The Hoboroll

Review: The Hoboroll – Luggage Organisation for the Well Heeled Hobo

We couldn’t review our Hoboroll while we were in Chiang Mai. Hobo implies a certain level of home ownership (as in none) and at the time we had two: our actual home in Turkey and our temporary digs in northern Thailand.Read More
Adventure Underwear

Review: Adventure Underwear

Last month we interviewed Nigel Clifford on his plans to launch a new travel security product designed to rival money belts. He had seen or met people robbed at gun or machete point, while other friends had been victims of stealthier thievery.Read More
De Lanna Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Review: De Lanna Hotel, Chiang Mai

Whether we have a good stay or a bad stay at a hotel, there will be opposing emotions when it comes to arriving and leaving. Hate the place and disappointment will reign on first walking through the door and relief when it comes time to go. Like the place and the opposite will be true.Read More
Lub d Siam Square, Bangkok

A Good Room Helps to Defeat Our Bangkok Curse: A Review of Lub d Siam Square and Lub d Silom

We earned our backpacker spurs our first time around in Bangkok by flopping down in some real holes. We were grateful for them too. On our first night in the city, in 2003, we arrived and experienced our first and only night of real homelessness on that trip. Read More
Reviews of travel books and gear

Review: Spanish-English Gastronomic Dictionary

One fear we don’t have but others do is being presented with a menu in a foreign language. Read More
Reviews of travel books and gear

Review: The Gap-Year Guidebook 2012

What a treat it is to hold a brand new book in your hands. Second hand and electronic versions do not bring the same tactile sensation to be had with handling a new book, so it was a pleasure to be sent a copy of The Gap-Year Guidebook 2012.Read More
FilmOn TV iphone app for expats wanting to watch UK TV abroad

iPhone App Review: Watch Television Abroad with FilmOn TV & TV Guide

Though I don’t watch a great deal of television - preferring the radio - there are a few programmes from Britain that I would watch given the chance. Living in Turkey that chance doesn’t present itself too often.Read More
Holiday Cave Hotel, Goreme. Accommodation in Cappadocia

Caves, Chimneys and Stone Houses in Cappadocia

The Cappadocia region of Turkey offers an array of hotel options where competition drives hoteliers to compete on style, uniqueness and ambience rather than on price alone. We took the opportunity to compare three different cave hotels in the region, one in Avanos and two in Goreme.Read More
Hadrian Gate Hotel. Jerash, Jordan

A Place to Stay in Jordan

We got to see the tourism industry from the other side of the hotel fence during our time in Jordan and were treated to some good standard accommodation. Read More