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Steal a dining set for travel

Put Together a Free Travel Dining Set

Leave behind Grandma's best butter knife and the spoon commemorating Charles and Diana's wedding. A free and lightweight set of tableware can easily and quickly be acquired from various sources for al fresco or hostel room dining.Read More
Insults that can land you in prison

4 Insults That Can Land You in Prison

A Bulgarian would be scandalised to be compared to a salad, while calling someone’s mother a ‘big turtle’ is a big no no in China. But sometimes it's not the slight itself but who, or what, you insult that can land you in troubleRead More
Peter Finch: I’m not gonna take this anymore

The Chicken Dance

I’m being polite with the title. As I mimed pulling down my trousers, through the red mist the thought went through my head: how did it get to the f*ck me up the arse dance?Read More