Site Redesign & Covid Schedule

Hello Reader. How are you? Welcome to the new look The Working Traveller and Jobs Abroad Bulletin. After our travel plans changed this year we were already working on some much needed updates to all to our websites but decided to go the full redesign.

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Taking a Gap Year Mini Mag

We recently relaunched one of our old neglected sites into a gap year mini mag. Every three months we will present some ideas for your year out - regardless of how long that may be.

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TWT in 2016

It is with some amusement that I look through each year's beginning of the year post where we outline what we intend to do in the coming days, weeks and months. With the hindsight of an additional 365 days added to the calendar I get to ask myself: “Just what did we actually do last year?”

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Meet Our Working Abroad Experts

We often get asked questions here at TWT but to be honest we are a bit hit or miss about answering your enquiries. When we are on the ball, on top of things and have an answer quickly to hand - or, even better, in my head - we can be both helpful and quick to respond but when I have my head down and am working on a project email is something I tend to neglect. So we have done what we always do when confronted with a problem. We have got someone else to do it.

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600+ Ways to Get Paid to Travel

Back at the beginning of the year we wrote about our plans for 2015 in a post now looked on as proof I can write fiction. Instead we made our sites look nice for mobile devices got a bit carried away with a big page of ways to get paid to travel or save money as a volunteer.

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The Life and Times of PAYAway

I should have guessed our plans for 2015 would be so much pie in the sky. Four months on little progress has been made with the volunteer work ebook; though this is largely due to the simple task of changing the date, from 2014 to 2015, at the bottom of one of our sites morphing into a redesign project to make our websites suitable for users on mobiles and tablets.

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TWT Plans for 2015

It’s that time of year again where I have to change the date at the bottom of every page of all our sites. You can’t say it isn’t a varied job. Last year it went from 2013 to 2014 but this year, to keep things lively, we will swap every 2014 for a 2015. Happy New Year.

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