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Travel photos and a few words

TravelPhotoFacts: Help Build a New 13th Century Castle in France

Billing itself as the world’s most unusual building site, Chateau Guédelon is an archaeological experiment. Using 13th century building methods a team of quarrymen, stonemasons, woodcutters, carpenters, blacksmiths, tile makers, basket makers, rope makers, carters, and their horses, are building a castle out of wood and stone using techniques resurrected from illustrations and other sources.Read More
Work exchange volunteer work for gardeners

5 Help Exchange Volunteer Projects for Gardeners

If you think the carrot has mystery, (though not so much that flowers are essentially tarts; prostitutes for the bees), then we have five help exchanges – ranging from stately homes to alternative lifestyles - for green fingered volunteers.Read More
Sustainable Agriculture Volunteering

5 Countries That Need Your Help in Sustainable Agriculture

Green is in right now, and not just in developed nations. Developing countries fully understand the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle; many small communities in Africa and South America have seen first-hand what wasteful practices do to their land and people. However, unlike rich Western countries that have enough resources to build and maintain local, organic farms, most cities and towns in developing nations can’t afford to experiment with sustainable agriculture — at least, not without your help.Read More
Travel photos and a few words

TravelPhotoFacts: Free Travel to European Festivals

Hard working, friendly, professional and committed people can receive free tours to European festivals and events by joining the Pillow Adventure Travel Company team as ground crew, tour cooks, leaders and managers.Read More
Volunteer to work at an animal sanctuary or shelter

6 Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Centre Volunteer Work Exchanges Around the World

All across the world you will find expat and local animal lovers setting up and running their own centres to care for the area’s street dog population, abused donkeys, abandoned cats, injured birds or distressed wild animals. Big or small, domestic or wild, there are numerous places to help a creature in need and get fed and a bed at the same time. Read More
Activity or sports work exchanges abroad

4 Activity Based Help Exchange Projects Looking for Volunteers

Sporty and active travellers can save their travel budget for something pretty by swapping their skills and muscle for food, accommodation and equipment hire. The four hosts below each offer the opportunity to get onto lakes, mountain trails or river rapids without having to spend a cent. Read More
Volunteer Work at the Beach

7 Help Exchange Projects at the Beach

A relaxing life beside the sea awaits for travellers prepared to work for it. From Iran to the West Indies here are seven places where volunteers can swap their skills for a room, beach hut or ocean view tent.Read More
Volunteering with the Bedouin in Jordan

3 Workaway Projects With the Bedouin in Jordan

Experience the Bedouin desert culture and learn Arabic with these three projects hosted by Bedouin families in Wadi Rum, close to Aqaba in southern Jordan. On your days off, volunteers will be able to enjoy all the activities offered to paying tourists, such as rock climbing, trekking, horse riding, jeep tours and trips to Petra, the famed city of the Nabataeans.Read More
Articles on working and volunteering worldwide

Workers of the World #16

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world.Read More
Work exchanges with husky dogs

4 Workaway Volunteer Exchanges With Huskies

With Christmas on the way thoughts often turn to going somewhere hot for the winter but why not embrace the bad weather and go somewhere that does the holiday season properly? Here are a four projects to enjoy snow as it should be enjoyed and where, of course, dog lovers need only apply.Read More