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Beer festival volunteer jobs in Portland, Oregon

Free Beer for Volunteering in Oregon

More than 80 different microbrewed beers will be poured this year between July 23 and 27 in Portland, Oregon. Some of those beers can be earned by volunteering to help make the 27th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival a success.Read More
Workaway Cave House and Hotel Work Exchanges

9 Volunteer Work Exchanges in Cave Houses and Cave Hotels in Spain, France, Turkey and Jordan

We have written about volunteering in cave hotels already after we stayed in one in Turkey a few years ago. The owner told of his need for volunteer staff and one of our readers later applied for the position and sent us a report of his experience volunteering in Cappadocia. Read More
Yacht Crew Volunteer Job

Volunteer to Work on a Luxury Yacht for a Free Cruise Around the Greek Islands

Are you a Cook/housekeeper? Looking for a change and summer job? Well here’s an exciting possibility sent to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin website last week. Read More
Articles on working and volunteering worldwide

Workers of the World #12

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world.Read More
Volunteer work exchange teaching English in Germany

Help to Create an English Speaking Environment in Germany

If you have spent the past week talking English but paying for your meals and accommodation, then I’m afraid to say you are doing something wrong. There are places in this world where we can do what we do all day any way and people will feed us and give us a free bed to sleep in.Read More
Music festival volunteer work

4 Smaller UK Music Festivals Requiring Volunteers This Summer

During the summer months the UK becomes the music festival capital of the world with every weekend seeing artists and acts performing at large and small events around the country. Seeing bands live at a festival can become an expensive pursuit but one guaranteed way to save money is to work for your ticket.Read More
Volunteer work exchange programme in Corfu, Greece

Hostel Work Exchange in Corfu

We were once enticed over to Pelekas from our then Corfu Town residence with the offer of a free lunch and some wine by one of Sunrock Backpackers Hostel’s former volunteers and are glad to see this backpacker resort is still welcoming volunteer staff. Read More
Volunteer work near Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Volunteer Work in Kanchanaburi with Safari Volunteers

Bottle feeding leopard cubs and taking a playful lion for a walk were just some of the many highlights to our two days in Kanchanaburi with the Safari Park Volunteer Initiative.Read More
Modern Day Nomads

A Great Facebook Page for Finding Work Abroad

Geared mostly towards Americans - whether they are globetrekkers or expats - in the US or abroad, Modern Day Nomads provides seasonal and contract work-to-travel listings, arts residencies and study programmes. If you are looking for writing and other creative arts positions you will find yourself particularly well catered for.Read More
International Citizen Service Volunteer Work Abroad

Fight Poverty in the UK and Overseas With ICS

Andy Hamilton from County Down built a tree nursery that will one day help beat malnutrition in Rwanda, David Dube used his skills in marketing, fundraising and social media to make a difference to local people in Mali, while Nushrath Khandoker went to rural Bangladesh to connect with her wider family and culture.Read More