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Learn French in Paris on your gap year

5 Amazing Language Courses for Your Gap Year

Taking a gap year and looking to do something productive? If this is the case, taking a language course is a great way of having fun, experiencing something new and learning too. In this guide you’ll find 5 language suggestions, including courses in Japan, India, France, China and Spain.Read More
Gap Year

How to Make the Most of Your Gap Year Experience

Despite the economic gloom, the gap year is still seen as something of a rite of passage. Rather than simply being viewed as a hunt for the world’s best beaches, modern young people are taking the chance to combine travel with learning. And wise they are too – a recent survey by YouGov revealed that 63% of human resources professionals agreed that a constructive gap year makes a job application stand out.Read More
Free Volunteer Work Abroad

Lots More Ways to Find Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

We have added a new bunch of volunteer projects to our site about cheap ways to volunteer around the World. There are now around 150 listings that will interest travellers keen to stop awhile and pitch in on a worthy project with either their brains or brawn. Read More
Volunteer work on Halloween

Volunteer Scarers Needed for Halloween

Kentwell Hall, a 500 year old Tudor building in Suffolk, is still looking for volunteer scarers for this Halloween. The scarers dress up in ghoulish costumes, hide around corners and jump out and frighten people.Read More
Volunteer Work in Asia

Readers Letters: Free Volunteer Work in Asia

A reader asks: I'm hoping to do some travelling and would like to do some voluntary work as well but don't want to have to pay to volunteer. I would like to go to Asia, do you have any advice at all?Read More
Articles on working and volunteering worldwide

Workers of the World #5

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world.Read More
Taking a Gap Year or Career Break websites

Two New Sites: Taking a Gap Year & Taking a Career Break

We have launched two new sites – and TakingaCareerBreak.comRead More
Volunteer Work in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Volunteer Work in a Fairy Chimney Cave Hotel

A few months ago Brandon Fralic emailed from his cave room in Cappadocia to say he had scored a volunteer position we had mentioned on our other site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. We told him how the hotel cat gets into his room and, in exchange, he tells us more about his job.Read More
Volunteer Work in Turkey

Volunteer Work in Turkey

Unlike Latin America or Europe, volunteers looking for pre-arranged or ad hoc volunteer work won’t find the opportunities quite as bountiful in Turkey. Nonetheless, from street art festivals to the ANZAC Day commemorations via organic farming or cave hotel work, the variety of intriguing volunteer options in Turkey makes up for the lack of quantity.Read More
Volunteer work at the Bronx Zoo in New York

A Week in New York – Volunteer Work at the Bronx Zoo

Volunteer at the world famous Bronx Zoo and you will be helping out a worthwhile institution, get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling and to hug a grizzly bear. Read More