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Workers of the World #12

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
Job Hunting on a Work & Holiday Visa …AKA My Reality Check
Los Angeles girl Valeri finds that landing hospitality jobs in Australia isn’t as easy as she thought.

Working Abroad, Volunteer Jobs and Gap Years

The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Seasonal Job (and Using It to Travel the World)
Would you like to live in incredible places, meet new friends and save enough money to travel the world? Of course you would and here are some tips from Susan Shain to help you do so.

Take Care of Kids in Greece

In the winter the people behind Kids in Greece find childcare staff for families in the Alps. For summer, the focus switches to Athens and resorts across the Greek Islands. Positions can also be found in the Portuguese Algarve.

Childcare jobs in Greece

Childcarers can earn up to €700 per week looking after the children of summer holidaymakers in Corfu, Mykonos, Kefalonia, Crete, Santorini and Rhodes. Kids in Greece look for qualified nannies, nursery nurses or primary school teachers, or those with at least two years’ experience with babies and children.

Help to Create an English Speaking Environment in Germany

If you have spent the past week talking English but paying for your meals and accommodation, then I’m afraid to say you are doing something wrong. There are places in this world where we can do what we do all day any way and people will feed us and give us a free bed to sleep in.

Volunteer work exchange teaching English in Germany

These people are called Diverbo and they spend much of their time creating English speaking villages where students can immerse themselves in our vocabulary and idioms.

A Great Facebook Page for Finding Work Abroad

Geared mostly towards Americans – whether they are globetrekkers or expats – in the US or abroad, Modern Day Nomads provides seasonal and contract work-to-travel listings, arts residencies and study programmes. If you are looking for writing and other creative arts positions you will find yourself particularly well catered for.

Modern Day Nomads

From its beginnings in 2006 as a property caretaking site to advertise the services of its founders, Tiffany and David Owens, Modern-Day Nomads morphed into a job listings website in February 2013. But before that MDN’s Facebook page was suggesting artists and photographers apply for residencies in Byron Bay, Australia, passing on travel scholarships and grants to fund our next trip abroad, and sharing how to volunteer at America’s National Parks in exchange for free housing.

Work Abroad at English Language Summer Camps

Last week we highlighted working in summer camps but other countries have summer camps but with the focus for participants centred more on learning English rather than sports and outdoor activities.

English language summer camp jobs in South Korea, Spain, France...

The camps themselves can be a recreation of American style camps or styled more from within the culture of the host country. While the objective of these camps is to spread the English language to local children, traditional camp activities and sports are blended in to create an enjoyable learning environment. Regardless of job title the role is usually a combination of teacher and camp counsellor.

Summer Camp Counsellor Jobs – It’s not all About America

A camp counsellor has been described as a “cross between a teacher and a big brother or sister.” Your main role will be to keep the children safe and occupied for as long as they are awake, while those that don’t want to work directly with children may be able to find work in the background in catering, cleaning or maintenance positions.

Summer Camp Counsellor Jobs in Canada, Russia, Croatia & Singapore

Most Americans will spend at least one summer of their childhood at camp but a few other countries have their own take on the custom allowing greater choice to travellers looking for overseas jobs, while Americans can find their own opportunities for working abroad.

Two Big Websites for Landing a Summer Job

Since we first began listing tourism companies in our directory numerous brands have been taken over or merged and consolidated their overseas recruitment for the group with a dedicated jobs website. Two of the largest, with among the most overseas jobs available each season, are TUI and Holidaybreak.

Summer Jobs Abroad

TUI Travel PLC

TUI is one of the biggest names in leisure travel operating around most of the world and incorporating 200 brands, the most important of which for our pay-me-to-go-and-afford-to-stay-abroad purposes are Thomson and First Choice, with JCA and Sunsail also able to provide many suitable roles. Positions include swimming instructors, children’s reps, entertainment roles, and holiday reps.

TEFL Jobs in Thailand, China and Saudi Arabia

LoveTEFL are currently inviting online registrations for their upcoming recruitment day on February 22. The recruitment day is to be held in Leeds and intended to promote their job opportunities in Thailand, China and Saudi Arabia. They will be running presentations, Q & A sessions and 15 minute interview slots for anyone wishing to grab their dream job as soon as possible.

Teach English in Thailand, China and Saudi Arabia

Sign up online to register your attendance and/or apply for an interview slot and they will be in touch nearer the time of the event with more information and your interview time.

Workers of the World #11

Articles and posts by or about travellers working their way around the world

Various & General Working Abroad
How To Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 3 – How Other Long-Term Travelers Do It
In part 2 of this series Lash told us how she has worked abroad. This time she focuses on how other travellers do it.

Working Abroad, Volunteer Jobs and Gap Years

Why Don’t You Just Get a Real Job?
Because the one I’ve got is so much more fulfilling, says Charli Moore.

Make Money Traveling – Earn Anywhere
Wil examines the ways he can boost his travels funds.

Occasional Hostel Work in Kuala Lumpur

We saw numerous Jobs Offered signs – written in English – in Kuala Lumpur. At first we thought there are so many opportunities for working travellers looking to earn a few ringgits to keep them on the road longer in the region but quickly came to realise that the signs are in my language because our colonial past here provides a ready-made means of communication in a country with considerable ethnic diversity.

Hostel jobs in Kuala Lumpur

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