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Fruit picking jobs in Australia

Resources for Finding Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Physically demanding work in hot weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea which is why Australians tend to leave that sort of thing to others, dangling the self-picked carrot of a second Working Holidaymaker Visa in front of those helping to bring in the crops.Read More
AgriVenture Farm Work in Sweden

6 Months Working on a Farm in Sweden

Half a year in rural Sweden is one of many programmes arranged each year by AgriVenture, an organisation that offers young travellers, aged 18 to 30, the chance to travel and work on a farm, in agriculture, horticulture or home management in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Japan.Read More
Fruit Picking Jobs in Riverina, Australia

A Downloadable Map + Google = Fruit Picking Jobs in Riverina, Australia

The Riverina tourist authorities once used to produce a handy guide to taking a working holiday in this region of NSW. While searching for it recently we came up short – the site now seems to focus on information for travellers who don’t need to break their backs harvesting crops – but we did find this downloadable PDF map that could be put to use in a job hunt in the area.Read More
Work and volunteer abroad

139 Travellers That Have Worked and Volunteered Abroad

Chris quit a job for a life on the road, working as a surf instructor in Ecuador and appearing in a nudist movie, Franca and Dale took care of 600 dogs in Thailand, Kim dropped explosives out of a helicopter onto ski slopes, while Kaley went to Spain in 2009 to teach English and stayed because of a boy.Read More

G’day Farmstay: Farm Work Exchanges in Australia and New Zealand

Working in Australia or New Zealand on a Tourist Visa usually involves keeping one step ahead of the increasingly active men and women from the immigration department. One way to avoid all that trouble and of keeping a big black stain off of your passport (if caught) is to work for your keep. Read More
Wine tourism and grape picking jobs in Australia

6 Wine Regions to Work, Travel or Sample in Australia

The fourth largest producer in the world, Australia’s wines can easily be sampled after a visit to the local supermarket but there are plenty of reasons to get closer to the source and head down under for a wine tour. Read More
Fruit Picking Jobs Worldwide

Summer 2010 Fruit Picking Work Round up

For skint travellers, with (or without) work visas, willing to work harder than I did thinking up the following pun here is our pick of the crops for summer 2010.Read More