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JobSpy: PGL Recruiting Now for Short Term Ski Reps

Unlike most other ski tour operators PGL don’t offer full season ski employment. The maximum work period is four weeks with most reps choosing to sandwich in a couple of weeks’ work in between their normal employment.Read More
Road Blocks to Working Abroad

Three Roadblocks to Working Abroad

It takes a lot of courage to decide that a job in another part of the world is what you want. If you’ve found work abroad opportunities and mastered the skills to do the job, the last thing you want is an unexpected road block to stand in the way of your dream.Read More
Teaching English as a Foreign Language

6 Reasons to Work Abroad Before You Die

Forget finding true love, climbing Everest and/or saving the world – here’s why are six reasons why working abroad should be number one on your bucket list!Read More
12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts

Exchanging links is one way to become popular and help with our search engine rankings but to really get the Google juice flowing nothing beats inserting an article into another traveller’s website.Read More
Air cabin crew tweeting

Air Cabin Crew Tweets

Tweets sent by flight attendants 35,000 feet up in the skyRead More
Ski resort jobs in the Alps

Act Now for Ski Resort Jobs in the Alps

Though the summer season has not long started it is already time to start thinking about snow covered mountains and what they can do to please the bank manager.Read More
Fruit Picking Jobs Worldwide

Summer 2010 Fruit Picking Work Round up

For skint travellers, with (or without) work visas, willing to work harder than I did thinking up the following pun here is our pick of the crops for summer 2010.Read More
50 Ways to Work and Travel Abroad

50 Ways to Leave Your Country

Paul Simon had 50 ways to leave his lover. He made a new plan, Stan; dropped off the key, Lee; and got on the bus, Gus. But what if your name is Matt or Kylie and you want to go further than back to your parent’s house?Read More
The Liston, Corfu Town, Greece

6. Working Again

Hello, we started working again and relaunched the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, our monthly newsletter of job vacancies around the globe. A number of events - including family illness and bereavement, homelessness, and some serious computer, server and connection problems - knocked us a little bit wobbly and it took some time to get reorganised.Read More