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Gliss Hotel & Spa in Kucukbuk, Bodrum

A Quick Look Behind the Scenes of our Recent Trip to Bodrum, Plus a Preview of a Hotel That Will Soon be Offering Spa Jobs in Turkey

One of the perks of running a group of work abroad and travel websites is that we possess things travel businesses want. And they have things that we need and desire. Every now and again we shake our assets at the travel industry, they show us a bit of leg, and we both get down to making sweet business together.Read More
Work as a diving instructor in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt

Work as a Diving Instructor in Sharm el Sheikh

Over three million tourists make their way to the Sinai Peninsula every year, led by the rise in cheap holidays to Sharm el Sheikh and the region’s world-renowned scuba diving.Read More
Work in Dubai, UAE

Earning While You Explore: Popular Part Time Job Roles in Dubai for Expats

If you are travelling and working in order to fund your trip you may want to consider stopping by in Dubai. Read More
Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship Jobs on our Facebook Page

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I’m updating the directory pages of the Overseas Job Centre. Currently I am working on the Sea & Sky section where we list useful links for finding cruise ship jobs, airline positions and where to find private yachts looking for crew.Read More
Summer and Seasonal Tourism Jobs in Benidorm, Spain

10 Summer Jobs in Benidorm

Relocating to Benidorm? Or maybe you're just looking to make a little extra money during your summer holiday? Whatever your reasons, the temperature is climbing and so is the competition. Grab some of these summer jobs in Benidorm before they're all gone.Read More
Find summer and winter tourism jobs on our facebook page

Looking for Tourism Jobs Abroad?

Now would be a good time to head over to our facebook page if you are interested in a tourism job abroad. I'm currently updating the directory pages over at the Overseas Job Centre. At the moment I am working on the Tourism, Catering & Hospitality Jobs section and adding anything of interest to our fb page.Read More
Working on a Cruise Ship

Time off in Port

Can you work for a cruise company and see the world? The answer is yes – but to ensure you get to see the sights when you’ve docked in port you need to choose the right job and the right cruise too.Read More
Burning Man Festival. Nevada, USA

The Festival A list

Ancient or modern, film, books, arts, religious, comedy, beer or music, today is festival day. Somewhere in the world a town or city is celebrating one of the many thousands of events that make up the social fabric of the varied communities that inhabit this planet.Read More
Working on a Cruise Ship

Tips for Cruise Ship Fitness Instructors: Keep Passengers Ship-Shape While Cruising

New cruise ship fitness instructors can easily forget that for many of their clients a cruise is a sure-fire way to gain a little extra holiday weight: the lounging on deck, the extravagant meals, the endless supply of drinks, it can all add up to a worrisome waistline episode once they return home!Read More
Volunteer Work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A Week in Edinburgh – Volunteer & Temporary Jobs at the Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh has gained worldwide renown for the large number of events that congregate under the banner of the Edinburgh Festival. While putting on your own show is a great way to be at the heart of the festival, another option is to find a temporary position or, much easier, volunteer to work at the festival.Read More