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Working and Living Abroad

Kathryn Smith: From The Peace Corps to Teaching English Online

We’ve recently joined up with VIPKID to offer the readers of our Jobs Abroad Bulletin the opportunity to make a roving living teaching English online to children in China. Part of the reason we did so was thanks to Kathryn Smith, our guest writer today. Though she has found a number of interesting roles to finance her travels, from teaching in Korea to working on a private yacht, she describes working for VIPKID as “hitting the jackpot.”Read More
Digital Nomad Volunteering

The Volunteering Entrepreneur

Nelson Santos discovered a passion for volunteering in his mid-20’s but financial reality brought his plans to a halt until he figured out how to travel the world without saving up first.Read More
Get Links to Your Blog

3onFriday: 3 Quick Ways to Get a Link to Your Site

Link building is an essential part of growing an online business but with Google frowning on excessive link quid pro quos and guest posting somewhat thrown into disrepute by sponsored posts and link buying, it is ever harder to get those vital links that the Big G considers an endorsement of your very online existence. Fortunately, by answering a few questions, sending us a crap photograph or even just forwarding a screenshot of your smart phone, we’ll be willing to send you some link love. Read More
Work Online to Travel the World

Work Online and Travel the World

Because it is what we do to make a buck we can be a bit guilty here at TWT of just equating location independence or digital nomadism with travel blogging. But there are plenty of other ways of making a living online to fund a jaunt around the planet.Read More
Travel blogging

Answers to a Reddit Travel Blog Survey

While loitering in the Digital Nomad subreddit I decided to be helpful and answer a few questions aimed at travel bloggers. As a fairly slow writer I am not one to waste a written word that can be used more than once, so I thought to share my answers here too.Read More
Make cash as a Plansify travel advisor

A Plansify For Making a Bit of Cash as a Travel Advisor

Popular travel blogger Derek Baron, aka Wandering Earl, is going to feature quite a bit this month in TWT. Hopefully by the end of August we will have reviewed his ebook, How to Work on a Cruise Ship, but or those of you that spend all your time at sea throwing up over the side or just would prefer to make a bit of cash on dry land, today we take a look at his latest project Plansify.Read More
Expedia Pioneer Dream Job

Expedia Invites You to Create Your Dream Job

Expedia are looking for someone to create their dream job. The Successful applicant will have the year of their life travelling the UK, experiencing the best known locations and the hidden gems while meeting and mixing with the people who make the country great.Read More
Work and volunteer abroad

139 Travellers That Have Worked and Volunteered Abroad

Chris quit a job for a life on the road, working as a surf instructor in Ecuador and appearing in a nudist movie, Franca and Dale took care of 600 dogs in Thailand, Kim dropped explosives out of a helicopter onto ski slopes, while Kaley went to Spain in 2009 to teach English and stayed because of a boy.Read More
Diana Edelman of the Save Elephant Foundation

WorldWideWorker: Diana Edelman, PR and Social Media for Save Elephant Foundation, in Thailand

Currently resident in Chiang Mai, Diana Edelman has for the past year helped raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants as the PR and social media coordinator for Save Elephant Foundation. She also writes for her own site, d travels 'round, and supports herself with freelance travel writing jobs.Read More
ravel and expat blogs that do have interview series

33 More Travel & Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You

A couple of years ago we put together a post on 16 Travel and Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You. Beginning with our own site we proceeded down a list of websites with interview features, each connected to one above and below by their roles as both interviewee, then interviewer.Read More