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Working online abroad as a digital nomad

WorldWideWorker: James Clark, Digital Nomad

James Clark is what we like to call comfortably homeless. He makes his living on the move, mixing his travels with basing himself somewhere more permanent. A look through his recent blog posts reveals longer stays in Saigon, Chiang Mai, Penang and Playa del Carmen in between trips to Europe and India. When we spoke to James about his nomadic lifestyle he was in Panajachel on a three week trip covering Belize and Guatemala.Read More
Working abroad in Social Media Marketing

WorldWideWorker: Latoya Brown, Social Media Marketing

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Latoya Brown is currently living in Bangkok. With a background of over ten years in public relations she made the digital switch about five years ago and now exclusively works in the social media marketing world.Read More
Travel blog birthday

The Working Traveller is Three Years Old – Here’s What We’ve Learnt

On Wednesday, May 15 The Working Traveller turned three. Last year we took some time for reflection on what we had learnt in the first two years of The Working Traveller but the piece got rather long so it was split into two. Rather than place two such introspective pieces close together I thought to run part two close to our third anniversary, this having the added advantage of giving me a day off when this date came around again this year: up there for thinking, down there for dancing, as they say.Read More
Uros Islands

Backpacks & Zimmer Frames

For your amusement and our horror here is a (hopefully) not so serious look at our retirement.Read More
Gliss Hotel & Spa in Kucukbuk, Bodrum

A Quick Look Behind the Scenes of our Recent Trip to Bodrum, Plus a Preview of a Hotel That Will Soon be Offering Spa Jobs in Turkey

One of the perks of running a group of work abroad and travel websites is that we possess things travel businesses want. And they have things that we need and desire. Every now and again we shake our assets at the travel industry, they show us a bit of leg, and we both get down to making sweet business together.Read More
Travel blogging in Bodrum, Turkey

Blogging on a Short Trip

We rarely take short trips – preferring to save our pennies for longer adventures – but this week have been enjoying a short break in Bodrum; both in the town itself and on the peninsula. Read More
Travel Blogging Jobs

A New Jobs Board for Travel Bloggers have launched a new jobs board aimed at travel bloggers.Read More
Happy Birthday to our travel blog

The Working Traveller is Two Years Old – Here’s What We’ve Learnt (Part One)

Two years ago this week I hit send on our first official post and launched The Working Traveller. I couldn’t quite remember if I swore at some noob error but a glance at our RSS feed shows I spent the fortnight before practising: adding and removing gibberish, uploading temporary photos and talking to myself via the comments facility.Read More
Free Accommodation for Travel Bloggers

How Travel Bloggers Can Trade Advertising for Free Accommodation

We haven’t taken an organised press trip but we have had some success with our own more informal approach of negotiating accommodation and tours in exchange for advertising space on our websites.Read More
Travel Blog Interviews

16 Travel & Expat Blogs That Want to Interview You

Roll up, roll up. Get on the interview merry-go-round. The interview plays a big part in every publication and online travel magazines and blogs are no exception. Interviewers get content and interviewees a way to promote themselves and their own blogs.Read More