Free or Cheap Volunteer Work in Chile, Ecuador and India

Cheap Ways to Volunteer in Chile, Ecuador and India

Though we still have a lot more projects and organisations to add to our new website, Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad, we have included four more inexpensive ways for travellers to combine staying away for longer with helping people around the world.

English Open Doors Program
Supported by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Programme, the English Open Doors Program recruits native English speakers to help improve English language education in Chilean public schools.

There are no fees to participate and volunteers receive free accommodation and meals along with a monthly bonus throughout their five to nine month stay.

More information at Free or Cheap Ways to Volunteer in Chile

Cloud Forest Lodge
Known as the ‘Andean Eyebrow’ the dense vegetation and ecological diversity of the Ecuadorian cloud forest can be home to volunteers willing to plant trees, clear and maintain trails with a machete and build stairs or safety fences. Students who would like to do their own research are also welcome. US$80 per week plus a US$50 registration fee are the pays for cabin accommodation and three meals per day.

More information at Free or Cheap Ways to Volunteer in Ecuador

First Light India
Teach English to tribal children in a school near Kolkata. No qualifications are needed and from September 1 to April 30 accommodation and food is free to those that stay a minimum of three months.

WorkingAbroad Projects
On this project volunteer English teachers work alongside permanent teachers to help with the further education of young Tibetan adult refugees in India. The project is located in Dharamsala, the centre of the Tibetan exile government and the residence of the Dalai Lama.

Volunteers are needed for a minimum of two months from August 2012. After paying a one off application fee of GBP£110, volunteers receive accommodation and food and a small amount of pocket money every month.

More information at Free or Cheap Ways to Volunteer in India

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  • Global Basecamps Adrienne  says:

    Thanks for the tips! VolunTourism is a great to travel and see the world while helping people at the same time.

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