Deliver Free Rental Car and Campervans Around New Zealand

Deliver Free Rental Car and Campervans Around New Zealand

Get your hands around the wheel of a free car or campervan by taking vehicles from where they are to where rental companies want them to be.

Transfercar is a free service for car relocation and camper relocation in New Zealand. The idea behind Transfercar stems from a logistical problem for the rental car industry where the car fleet moves in one direction as cars are driven away by tourists and tend to pile up where they are not needed.

The cheapest way to get the vehicles back where they want them is to stick a backpacker in the driving seat. The car rental company gets a free delivery, the backpacker travels from A to B without having to buy a bus ticket. Other perks can include a free tank of fuel, ferry tickets and insurance.

Families, students, backpackers, event-goers, and other travellers are all welcome. The only requirements are to be over 18, have a full driving license valid in New Zealand, and to get the vehicle to its destination within a specified number of days.

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