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DN/LI/TB 07/05/18

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

How to Be a Broke Twenty-Something Digital Nomad in Medellín, Colombia
There are worse places to be broke, says Jakob Gibbons, reporting that Medellín has so far been perfect for weathering the shocks and swings of his erratic online income.

A Digital Nomad Guide to Bali
Sarah takes us on a tour past the rice paddies, farmers, chickens and cows to Bali’s hustling expat and digital nomad scene.

Financial Case Study: Miguel (Travelsauro) – Blogger and Volunteer
After losing his job as an architect, Miguel began a new life travelling the world with no plans to stop. While making money with his blog, Miguel also cuts his costs volunteering for accommodation and food.

How I Made $1167 Blogging in December 2017
Despite getting jobless, Jamie Atkinson made a grand online at the end of last year from freelance writing and affiliate sales.

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