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DN/LI/TB 14/3/2018

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How To Stop Feeling Jealous Of Other Bloggers (+ Why ‘Stop Comparing Yourself’ Is Useless Advice)
Milou decides to stop judging herself against those bloggers with more readers and less stains on their clothing.

Confessions: Watch Out – The Blogger Burn Out is Watching You!
Hi, I’m Anto and I’m a workaholic. Nice to meet you! Says, erm, Anto, who kept ignoring her doctor and a build up of travel ailments to finish just one more article.

Influencers: to Pay or Not to Pay?
It doesn’t hurt a business to have one or two or five hundred credible, influential, trustworthy people talk about the merits of their product, but should money be changing hands? Olivier Blanchard weighs up why influencers should be paid, and why they shouldn’t.

When You’re a ‘Digital Nomad,’ the World Is Your Office
A global network of live-work spaces is springing up to serve this new breed of millennial wanderer, reports The New York Times.

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