DN/LI/TB 21/2/18

DN/LI/TB 21/2/18

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

Digital Nomad Life: Earnings & Challenges
A year since they set ourselves up in Thailand to become digital nomads, Amy and Andrew are still solvent and on the road.

How to Start Your Own Travel Magazine: An Interview with Nikki Scott from SEA Backpacker Magazine
Anna Phipps is stoked to be interviewing Nikki Scott, the founder and editor of the popular SEA Backpacker Magazine about how she funds her travels.

The 18 Best Writing Tips You’ll Ever Read
What do editors say about your writing when you’re not around? Nothing good thinks Lauren Holliday if you’re not following these 18 very important writing tips.

How I Wised Up After 8 Years and Got My First Freelance Writing Contract
It took John Weiler eight years to figure out how to get serious and treat his freelance career as a business.

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