DN/LI/TB 10/5/17

DN/LI/TB 10/5/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

8 Things to Ask Yourself before Adding Sponsored Travel to Your Blog (+ Giveaway!)
In the world of blogging, growing a brand can open the doors to some amazing opportunities. From becoming a brand’s ambassador to reviewing products, the possibilities for blog partnerships continue to grow but Natalie suggest we first take a step back and ask ourselves these questions first.

How To Work With Interns: A Step-By-Step Guide
Bret Love and Mary Gabbett’s Green Global Travel was an early adopter of taking on interns, who they believe can be a huge help to any business and gave them a leg up when they were trying to establish a foothold in a fiercely competitive field.

My First 3 Months as a Digital Nomad
After 16 months living in a hostel and working a 9 to 5 job while on his working holiday in Edinburgh, Brendon Vince bought himself a one way ticket to Chiang Mai and, with less than two months worth of money to his name, no credit card or backup funds, attempted to build an online income.

6 Songs That Reflect What I Learnt After 6 Months on the Road as an Aspiring Digital Nomad
Faking it until she makes it, this aspiring digital nomad puts together a song list.

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