DN/LI/TB 13/12/17

DN/LI/TB 13/12/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

Throwing in the Towel: Why I Ended My Digital Nomad Trip Early
Phil Lennon found that to be a successful digital nomad your brain needs to be professional, social, ambitious, laid back, driven and flexible. Often at the same time. He gave up his planned trip because he was unable to find a fine balance between work and travel.

Working in the Travel Industry With Digital Nomads… When You have a Desk Job
While most of her friends are trying to strike a balance between work and life, Jessie Beck is trying to strike a balance between being a nomad and an un-nomad.

Why I Never Use Co-Working Spaces as a Digital Nomad & Why You Might Not Want to Either
When it comes to getting work done, Nicholas Barang prefers to work from his home rather than share his working space with others.

4 Harsh Realities Of Working As A Full-Time Digital Nomad
Kate Smith reveals some of the challenges facing remote workers.

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