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DN/LI/TB 16/8/17

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The Easy Way to Set Up “Rich Pins” on Pinterest
Rich pins refer to Pinterest pins that have your website name and icon displayed underneath the pin image, easily directing users to the pin’s source – you!. Melyssa Griffin not only goes into more detail but is also incredibly active below the line.

Constant Content as a Full Time Job : WorkOnline
Writing for around four hours a day, this Redditor shares some of the things he/she has learned, along with some best practices for using this writing marketplace.

5 Digital Nomad Spots Where You Can Live For Half The Cost
If you’re able to make money online, overseas or on the go, then you have probably already considered moving some place where your dollar, pound, euro or yen can go a little further. Nick Wharton runs the figures and makes his suggestions.

Why You Should Never Use Upwork, Ever
Despite making money from Upwork, Shadi Paterson is not a fan.

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