DN/LI/TB 22/2/17

DN/LI/TB 22/2/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

How To Create Original Content for Your Blog: Good Writing Practices
Trisha Velarmino tries to make up for putting one of her readers off blogging.

How to Make Money Travel Blogging
Have you ever dreamed of packing your bags, quitting your 9 to 5 job and setting off on an adventure of a lifetime travelling the world? Of course you have. Stupid question. Why else are you reading DN/LI/TB? The 25 travel bloggers interviewed here did too, and they made it happen.

5 Lessons From A Guy Who Made The Internet His Workplace
Eliza Owen introduces Alexander Allen who, two years after his foray into online business, at just 23 years old, had a major Australian company offer him $10,000 to make some animated videos to explain products that the company sold. Alex said yes despite knowing nothing about making animated videos.

Work From Home: The 10 Best Sites for Landing a Remote Job
A long commute, terrible traffic, constant distractions and impromptu meetings are among the reasons you might be ready to start your remote job hunt.

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