DN/LI/TB 23/11/16

DN/LI/TB 23/11/16

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

And Then, Cancer
Because of their great advice on house sitting, Dalene and Pete Heck have featured regularly in our sister column
Workers of the World Weekly. It’s with sadness we learn of Dalene’s diagnosis with leukaemia and hope she gets well soon. She explains what it means both for her (or oversharing as she calls it) and for their popular travel blog.

Bloggers Travel for Free?
After a press trip to Thailand Talon Windwalker shares what it actually means to travel on someone else’s dime and time.

32 Professional Travel Blogger Secrets I’ll Let You in On
If sperm and egg can turn into a baby in nine months then Vicky Philpott feels she’s long enough in her job to let you in on what being a travel blogger is really like.

How I Can Afford to Travel
He’s not rich, doesn’t have rich parents or a huge savings account. So how exactly does Drew Binsky fund his travels around the world?

iPhone Home:

This week’s iPhone Home was submitted by Trisha Velarmino, who blogs at P.S. I’m On My Way.

iPod Apps for Travelling

If you want to be featured here, just take a screenshot of your iPhone/smartphone and send it to payawaytravels(at)gmail(dot)com In return we will mention you in The Working Traveller and link to your blog. Photos should be 690px minimum width.

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